Top 8 Ways to Fix Screen Mirror Not Working in Windows 11

fix screen mirror not working in Windows 11

Are you trying to mirror Windows 11 PC to a monitor or smart TV and receiving errors in return? While gaming, presentation, or video playback on a bigger screen does make sense, errors like screen mirror not working in Windows 11 might spoil your mood. Let’s fix the issue. Many factors are at play here … Read more

How to Update Drivers in Windows 11

windows 11 feature image

Be it the need of some new software or the necessity of running a heavy hardware device, a driver update gets your Windows up to date with all the security ramp ups and fixes for random bugs. Looked in that light, driver updates are an essential for not only running different hardware devices, but also … Read more

How to See Wi-Fi Password in Windows 11

check Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 11

If you are not fond of using a password manager, it’s quite easy to forget the Wi-Fi password at home or office. The good news is, if you have connected your PC or laptop to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily view the saved Wi-Fi password in Windows 11 and share it with friends, family, … Read more