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The Windows 11 2022 Update Is Rolling Out – You May Not Get It (Yet)

Microsoft finally released the next major update to Windows 11 and although this is indeed the 22H2 update, they are simply calling it the Windows 11 2022 Update now. Although the update has already started to roll out, many users haven’t received it. I am one of those users, and if you’re one too I can understand why you might be a little annoyed right now. Microsoft has acknowledged that they’re not rolling it out to everyone, immediately.

Windows 11 2022 Update

Windows 11 2022 Update – The Improvements and Changes

According to Microsoft, this is the biggest Windows 11 update since its release and they have introduced several improvements and changes across the board. The Windows 11 2022 Update focuses on improving security, enhancing productivity, bringing changes to some visual queues, and more.

22H2 also changes how the company delivers updates to its users. Microsoft has committed to one major Windows 11 update per year alongside monthly updates. The size of Windows Updates is getting smaller as well with updates coming at up to 450MB less. This is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

Here are the major improvements and changes in the 22H2 update,

  • Tabs in File Explorer
  • A faster and more accurate Search function
  • Improvements to Snap layouts for better multitasking
  • Windows Studio Effects for Video and Audio calls
  • Clipchamp video editor
  • Gaming improvements in Auto HDR, VRR, and Latency
  • Amazon Appstore for Android Apps coming to International Markets
  • New Microsoft Defender SmartScreen for protecting user credentials against malicious apps and websites
  • Smaller-sized Windows updates
  • Performance and Battey optimizations

There are some other changes here and there, and the company will slowly push out other improvements throughout the year including an improved Photos app. You can check the detailed list of improvements and changes on the official Windows Blog Post.

With the next releases, we’ll likely see even more focus on the visual experience while the functionality keeps improving gradually. I want to see the connectivity situation improve a bit, because Windows for some reason, still has terrible Bluetooth handling, and although Wi-Fi works fine, I feel like Apple’s macOS handles seamless connectivity, much better.

Why Everyone Hasn’t Received The Update

Some users have already started getting the update while most still seem to be waiting. This is not some accident or server issue but a result of Microsoft’s new update rollout policy. Their so-called “measured and phased rollout” is only reaching those devices that are ready to run the 22H2 version without any major issues.

Windows 11 2022 Update

It’s still not very clear how eligible devices are being decided. The company says the update will roll out to a specific device when their system data shows, that device is ready. If they detect an issue, like an application incompatibility, for example, they can hold up the update indefinitely. Again, according to Microsoft, this is being done in favor of a quality update experience.

To me, it seems to be serving dual purposes. Of course, it can minimize compatibility errors, but it also looks like an elaborate way of covering up a less-than-required rollout capacity. I mean, let’s be honest here, the majority of computer users in the world, use Windows, and that’s a very large audience to serve when it comes to rolling out a major update.

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When You’re Going To Get The Update

It’s possible that your device has already received the clearance to get the new 22H2 update, so first check for it on Windows Update to make sure if you have it or not.

Also, do remember that if you need to be on Windows 10 version 2004 or later to get this update if you’re in fact on Windows 10 and your PC is using a several generation old CPU, Windows 11 is not compatible with your device, so you won’t be receiving the update.

Check if your CPU is eligible to get Windows 11 updates on Microsoft’s Website. If you have a newer processor, you’re eligible as well.

Windows 11 2022 Update

If you’re eligible, but still not seeing the update, I’m afraid you’re at Microsoft’s mercy as of now. The company said that they will ramp up availability in the first weeks as they monitor quality signals. I have no idea how effectively their systems can handle this, but for now, it seems like most users will receive the Windows 11 2022 Update within a couple of weeks.

Did you receive the new Windows 11 update or like me, you’re still on the waiting list? Let me know by commenting below!

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