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Why LG Gram 17 is Big but All Things Beautiful

Big need not be heavy and ugly; this is what LG Gram 17 depicts from its every inch. High on portability factor despite its huge body, this laptop is truly worth carrying around. You can work for longer hours, connect like never before, try multi-tasking of another level and still get this device in its best shape after a long day.

lg gram 17 17Z990

Big need not be lazy

LG Gram 17 comes with the most dependable features that make it exceptionally fast and prompt in taking actions. 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor makes every work seem like cakewalk. It performs butter smooth and quite fast even loaded with multiple jobs simultaneously. Thus, one can have lots of things on to-do list and accomplish things more smartly than ever.

Download and stream – the speed never fails you

LG Gram 17 is provided with 16GB RAM – huge in real sense! It is another reason that allows the performance lg gram 17 17Z990 laptop to take on multiple challenges. This big memory size allows streaming and downloading heavy duty content pretty easily. It also makes it possible for the user to run graphics-intensive applications with great use. Another feature that makes this big device welcoming in nature is its storage space. 256GB of solid state drive provided additionally makes downloading super easy and fast. The device works like a pro when you demand it to store and run lots of content of video, music and graphics type due to ample storage space.

And, big need not be fat too!

Yes, big device having a display of IPS type measuring about 17” in size looks all things but not clumsily large. This display exhibits brilliance in delivering visual output, and it also offers that panoramic experience which is considered possible only at auditoriums. The 17” screen of this LG Gram 17 laptop does not add to the weight at all and the end result is a portable device that carries not even 3lbs of weight. The body of this laptop is very sleek and is just close to leaf-like with its 0.7 inch thickness.

Packed with ports for wholesome experience

LG Gram 17 connects beautifully as all ports relevant to the present times are provided in it for keyboard lg gram 17 17Z990 enhanced connectivity. One can bring full-fledged HD monitor on board due to HDMI port. It also has USB type –A and USB type – C ports that allow easy transfer of data at exceptionally high speed and also allows bringing peripherals of various kinds to the scene. Only feature that makers got away with was SD card reader and they are justified in doing so for enabling the maintenance of low weight and thin look.

Work off the hook as long as you want

You can find LG Gram 17 to be working relentlessly with no requirement of charging the battery for period as long as 19 plus hours. It is almost the day at work and after hours that can be managed with this laptop without searching for charging points.

Thus, one enjoys magnanimity in every inch of big laptop LG Gram 17 without requiring tackling the challenges that come with size.

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