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What is Mini LED laptop screen? Explained

With the advancing technological features, more and more tech brands are bringing forth innovation to keep their products relevant in the world. All that aside, MSI recently left every tech geek in a state of shock with the launch of the world’s first mini LED laptop screen that is expected to improve the overall viewing experience like no other.

The laptop that is being launched with the mini LED screen is the MSI Creator 17 and is expected to provide with crisp visuals, true to life color accuracy and a wholesome experience all in all for all the creative people out there.

What is Mini LED?

Before proceeding on to explaining more about what the Mini LED laptop screen is, it is better we start with the basics.

mini LED

The Mini LED, also known as the sub millimeter light emitting diodes are the LEDs which come in a size of roughly 0.1 mm square. They mini LEDs are also referred to the ones which fall in the size category between the micro and the traditional sizes as well.

How does it expect to impact the technological sphere?

If you are wary, it is believed that the Mini LEDs can have a revolutionary impact in the future of all the electronic displays. The combination of the simple design and structure with enhanced performance makes this a worthy inclusion.

The use of Mini LEDs, till now, has only been in some of the televisions launched by the big tech brands but the global manufacturers now are shifting around their focus to the laptop sphere. The market of Mini LEDs has now reached over $1 billion USD and is expected to be integrated in a number of other industries in the years to come.

local dimming types

The Mini LEDs have the potential to amplify the quality of the display, helping you experience the visuals in the 4K HDR performance like no other. The combination of the heightened brightness with this further helps provide with an amazing viewing experience.

The constant demand and the future trends suggest that the integration of the Mini LEDs is expected to expand to the smartphones as well. But, as of now, MSI has launched the very first Mini LED integrated laptop screen that helps the creators enjoy crisp and larger than life visuals that they couldn’t before.

The MSI Creator 17, which comes with the Mini LED screen, boasts a peak brightness of around 1000 nits combined with the back-lighting for an even brighter but safer experience. It is a common thought among people that the excessive brightness does have the capability of hurting one’s vision. That is not the case at all.

The Mini LED laptop screen, on the other hand, provides with vibrant visuals combined with the brightest whites and the darkest blacks for an even detailed graphical display. They are also immune to some of the common burn-in problems.

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