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Top 8 Ways to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

fix spotify web player not working

While Spotify offers native apps on Windows and Mac, most users opt for the web version due to convenience. But what if the Spotify web player fails to work in the first place? Read along to learn about the top eight ways to fix the Spotify web player not working issue.

Spotify web player not working as intended can ruin your perfect morning hours. Before you start downloading the Spotify desktop app or glance over Spotify rivals, use the tricks below and fix Spotify player on the web.

1. Download Media Feature Pack for Windows N Edition

Are you trying to use Spotify web player on Windows N edition? You might have to go through a couple of steps to enable web player functionality on OS.

Windows 10 N version doesn’t come with media functions and apps like Skype, Video, Music, and Voice Recorder.

You must install Media Feature Pack from the official Microsoft website to enable Windows Media player add-ons such as the ability to play media files and audio CDs, create a playlist, and stream content from the websites like Spotify and YouTube Music.

2. Enable Protected Content

If you are getting a message saying ‘Playback of protected content is not enabled’, you need to ensure that the sites have permission to play protected content. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser and click on the more menu at the top.

Step 2: Go to Settings.

open chrome settings

Step 3: Navigate to Privacy and Security from the sidebar and select Site Settings.

site settings in google chrome

Step 4: Scroll down and expand the Additional content settings menu.

open protected content ID menu

Step 5: Select Protected content IDs and click on Sites can play protected content.

play protected content ID on spotify

Go back to Spotify web and try playing some refreshing songs.

3. Open Spotify Web Player in Incognito Mode

Using this trick, you can determine if the issue with the Spotify web player not working is related to browser extension or overmount of cache data.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Select New InPrivate window (Microsoft Edge) or New Incognito window (Google Chrome).

open private window

Step 3: Visit the Spotify web player, sign in with your Spotify account details and try playing some songs.

If the Spotify web player is indeed working fine, the issue persists with the installed extensions or cache data.

4. Clear Browser Cache

Most browsers collect cache data in the background so that they can remember your most-visited websites and login info for Twitter, Spotify, YouTube etc.

Overmount of such data can lead to web player issues on Spotify. Follow the steps below to clear the Chrome cache.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and click on more menu at the top.

Step 2: Select More tools > Clear browsing data.

clear browsing data in chrome

Step 3: Slide to the Advanced menu and click on the Clear data button.

clear chrome browser data

Restart the browser and try playing songs through Spotify web.

5. Uninstall Extensions

With a rich Chrome web store, you might have gone overboard and installed dozens of extensions on the browser. Some unknown extensions might be messing up Spotify web player functionality.

It’s time to review installed extensions and remove unnecessary ones from the list.

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome and click on the more menu.

Step 2: Navigate to More Tools > Extensions menu.

open extensions menu

Step 3: Remove irrelevant extensions and you are good to go.

remove chrome extensions

6. Open Spotify Songs in a New Tab

In some cases, you might be able to access Spotify web but face problems playing a song. You can open the problematic song in a new tab and try playing it.

Step 1: From the Spotify web, click on the more menu beside a song.

Step 2: Select Share > Copy Song Link.

copy song link on spotify web

Step 3: Open a new tab and paste the link.

7. Check Spotify Status

There can be times when Spotify servers are having an off day. You can go to Downdetector and search for Spotify. If other users are facing the same issue, you will see high outage spikes.

In such scenarios, you won’t be able to access Spotify web player as well as Spotify mobile apps. You are out of options here and must wait for Spotify to fix the issue from their side.

You can track the situation from official Spotify social media channels.

8. Change Spotify Audio Output

Being a cross-platform solution, Spotify is officially available on every device and OS (Operating System) you can think of. If your Spotify account is actively playing songs on another device, you need to change the audio output from the Spotify web player.

change audio output on spotify

Start playing a song on Spotify web and click on the device menu. Select your desktop/laptop and the song will start playing on your current device.

Enjoy Spotify Web Player

With superior algorithms and flawless UI/UX experience, Spotify remains unrivalled in the music streaming market. Spotify web player not working can leave you with a sour taste though. Use the tricks above and get back functioning Spotify player on the web.

Which trick worked for you? Share your findings in the comments below.

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