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VAIO Teases Upcoming Thin and Lightweight Laptop with a Poster

In a new released poster by VAIO, the notebook brand has teased an upcoming thin and lightweight laptop that is likely going to be released on February 18, 2021.

New VAIO thin and lightweight laptop coming soon

With every new surprise coming out from the IT companies, the popular notebook brand, VAIO didn’t want to step behind. In a new poster released by the brand, they have teased an upcoming thin and lightweight laptop that is likely going to be released on February 18, 2021.

vaio teases upcoming thin and lightweight laptop

The brand teased that they are going to conduct a press conference from 12:00 to 14:00 on February 18, 2021 and the event is going to be broadcasted live globally.

According to the device on the poster, it is indicating a likely launch of a new device with a sunken hinge and a very thin body. The unique hinge design mimics the letter “Z”, which is further a reason why it is such a coveted launch. The tech geeks across the world are assuming that the same indicates that the new product might be part of the Z-series from VAIO that will feature the much-awaited OLED displays.





VAIO was part of Sony and was finally separated from Sony Group in 2014 as an independent company. But, while the brand didn’t necessarily tap into the Chinese market from the initial days, they have started their commercial distribution since 2017.

IT house further reiterated on digital blogger, Zackbuks’ reports saying that the VAIO Z series is coming pretty soon. Later, the official news about the launch of the Z-series was confirmed.

VAIO Z leaks by Zackbuks

VAIO Z leaks by Zackbuks (2)

Since there hasn’t been new device launches under the VAIO Z series for a long time, a possible launch under this thin and lightweight design is likely going to be a pretty big win.

The device also features high-density packaging technology with proper thermal management and heat dissipation technology for enhanced performance and reduced size of the motherboard.

The heat dissipation system of the VAIO Z series is one of the bestselling factors of this device, all thanks to the special cooling fans and the separate heat dissipation ducts. They also come with low-frequency speed units that suppress excess noise and enables smoother performance.

So, if the teaser is about an upcoming VAIO Z laptop, it is likely that the consumers are going to be in for a ride, especially with the amazing performance and uninterrupted user experience.


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