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Upcoming MacBook Air to Feature Apple’s M2 Chipset, M1X Secluded for MacBook Pro lineup

While there have been confusion and speculations surrounding the next in-house Apple M2 chipset, reports suggest that the upcoming 2022 MacBook Air is the one that will feature the upcoming M2 chipset.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’d know that Apple has branched out from using Intel processors in their MacBooks and now switched to their custom silicon for their Mac lineup. However, following the launch of the M1 chipset, users have been speculating about the launch of the next option in the series.

There were rumors floating around questioning the successor to the M1 chipset, whether it will be the M1X or the M2 chipset. However, current reports suggest that Apple is currently working on both of them and the M2 chipset is going to make a grand entrance in the upcoming 2022 MacBook Air.

A twitter user, Dylan (@dylandkt) reported that Apple’s MacBook Pro and Mac mini is going to be available in the fourth quarter of 2021. He further reiterated on this news saying that these upcoming devices will likely be integrated with the new M1X chipset that Apple is currently working on.

Prior reports on the specifications of the chipset suggested that the M1X chipset will come with 10-cores, wherein 8 of them are performance-focused and the remaining two are directed towards power efficiency.

Coming round to the M2 chipset, rumors have it that it is an improved version of the M1 chipset. It has been cleared that the chipset will be powered with 8-cores and 9-10 graphics cores, as opposed to the 7-8 cores that are variably available in M1 MacBook Air.

If these rumors are anything to go by, chances are that the upcoming MacBook Air is going to run a lot faster compared to its predecessor with the M1 chipset.

The tipster is also hinting at an early 2022 release of the upcoming 2022 MacBook Air. One unique attribute in the coming lineup of MacBook Air is that its going to be available in different color variants with a compact and lighter chassis.

The device is also going to feature MagSafe charging ports with USB 4 ports. As for the MacBook Pro models, the device will be integrated with mini-LED displays with advanced display technology. However, with so many lingering uncertainties, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple did decide to change their plans in the future.

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