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Two New Windows 11 Features Surface

Windows 11
(Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is aiming to be in a position to launch their updated Windows 11 operating system this holiday season which has meant a steady stream of leaks and updates regarding new features. Yesterday, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, revealed a new feature that’s been labeled the “Focus Session.” This comes off a different Panay update via a tweet on August 4th regarding the snipping tool.

Starting with the Snip and Snip & Sketch functions, here is a look into the new Microsoft 11 updates that have come to light in the last few days.

New Design to the Snipping Tool

The 17-second video (seen below) boasts a “Classic Design” with a “New Experience.” From the outset, it can be noticed that some of the iconographies have changed to fit the new Windows 11 design. For example, the scissors icon used to begin a new snip in the Windows 10 is now a “+” symbol.

Overall, the design seems to be simpler, much of the excess text has been pruned away, and the header has fewer sections to click on at the top. After the snip has been made, the video shows how Windows has retained the Snip & Sketch function but also uses the marker to show how the updated sketch function might work with greater ease and sensibility than it did in Windows 10.

Some are saying that Windows 11 might just combine the Snip and Snip & Sketch functions, but that remains to be seen.

A First Look at Windows 11 “Focus Sessions”

In his tweet, Panay called Focus Sessions a “game-changer” as he highlighted the function’s integration with Spotify and the focus on productivity and creativity that it brings.

As seen above, this feature is meant to help users track daily progress by segmenting tasks, setting aside blocks of time, and choosing the perfect playlist—all to assist them with meeting goals. The feature brings together many individual features: alarms, timers, music, to-do lists, and a progress tracker. But the main point of excitement appears to be the integration with Spotify. This continues to blend in many of the typical daily features into one, easy to use set of features that are focused on helping users stay productive.

Future Updates Leaks Regarding Windows 11

In the past 48 hours, there have been two new announcements regarding the future of Windows 11. And with the operating system now in public beta testing there should be more updates on the horizon.

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