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Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop Review

Business laptops get a new name or you can say a new competitor in business laptops, Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442. Electronic giant introduces compact business end laptop engineered with Intel Core i5-8350U Processor and Intel vPro technology. Windows 10 Professional business laptop with 8GB DDR4 RAM, 14-inch touchscreen display, and Intel powered ultra-high definition graphics card makes this laptop one of the hottest property in business-oriented range. The style is perfectly combined with the power to provide the user an ultimate comfort, utter smoothness and unbelievable performance.

Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop Review

Introduction Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442

Toshiba a Japanese technology giant is widely known for providing excellent electronic devices. They introduced an enormous number of various laptop models for different segments, but haven’t received a very good response from any one of those. Toshiba holds a very small amount of market share, but a significant one. They are known for manufacturing no non-sense devices and X40-E1442 is also one from the same league.

Introduction Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop

Toshiba Tecra comes with four types of models A, D, Z, W, and X. D series holds more of high-end configurations whereas X is relatively of business end configurations. X40-E1442 is one of the X series laptops and is very sophisticated, useful and powerful business machine to perform everyday tasks without any issues.

Design Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop The business end laptop market is quite huge and with some of the competent names like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and many more already ruled the kingdom it’s very tough to compete in this market. But Toshiba took the challenge and introduced Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442. Simple, elegant design backed up with superb hardware configuration and a top security mechanism is an ideal combination for making any business end laptop.


This laptop features as a business laptop so its features also inherited from the business fraternity. The 14-inch notebook got a very simple design. Premium magnesium aluminum body with brushed finish is durable and attractive. Onyx Blue metallic is another wonderful color option provided on this laptop. The metal hinges on the back allow the screen to be tilted up to 45 degrees. Apparent visible linear marking with Toshiba logo placed at the bottom corner.

Open the lid, you will get a picture perfect 14-inch display. The keyboard is designed and placed very nicely on the laptop. There are no unpleasant creaking or unnecessary gaps between the keys. With the dimensions of 16.9 mm and weight 2.76 pounds, makes this laptop one of the slim, sleek and lightweight business end laptop in the market.

Keyboard Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop


Magnesium chassis integrating with honeycomb design provides extra physical strength to the system. The Trackpad is quite large and had enough space for a palm rest. You can work on this laptop for long hours without any issues. An integrated fingerprint reader is placed on the Trackpad as an extra level of security or quick access. So, there is a hardware, features and Toshiba technology to make this laptop competitive in this highly viable market.

Hardware and Performance

Toshiba packed Tecra 40 with 7th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-8350U processor and 8GB DDR4 SDRAM which can get upgraded up to 32 GB. Windows 10 Professional is installed as an Operating System which is relatively easy and comfortable to use. Wrapped in brushed magnesium alloy chassis provides durability to the system.

As a storage option, you will get 256 GB Solid State Drive attached to this laptop. The 14-inch widescreen display delivers vivid graphics provided through Intel ultra HD Graphics 620 graphics chipset. Picture and Graphic quality are good. Wide viewing angles quality is not that much responsive and you can experience some blur picture quality with that.

You can get a lot of connectivity options with this laptop. Internet Connectivity can be provided through both wired and wireless options. The wired connection can be managed via LAN port, whereas Wireless connection can be done through 802.11ac WiFi or Bluetooth options. Both options offer a good amount of speed and data transfer without any hiccups. You can also get 2 USB-C ports, USB 3.0 port, an HDMI, and microSD card slot option attached to this business device.

USB ports Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 Laptop

You can also get touchscreen as an advanced technology associated with this device. Touchscreen takes full advantage of Windows 10 professional operating system and throttles whole new experience of application handling. The touchscreen is very responsive and you can feel premium comfort while using it.


As this laptop is presented as business end laptop from Toshiba, security remains to be one of the more sought concerns or deciding factor. Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442 packs a punch with various security options. You can get Fingerprint sensor which provides you secure and safe access in the blink of an eye. The Fingerprint access is very accurate and can read fingerprint even at odd angles as well. In addition to that, there is an Iris Scanner for swift and secure logins.

Apart from that, Intel’s vPro, TPM v 2.0 and AMT technologies provide an additional security layer for this laptop. Multiple security elements like Trusted Platform Module, BitLocker Drive, Credential Guard, Encryption and Intel Authenticate gives an edge to this machine over its rivals.

Specs of Toshiba Tecra X40-E1442
Processor Intel Core i5-8350U
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620
Storage 256GB PCIe SSD
Display 14-inch FHD Touch

Bottom Line

This machine is a business-end or every day’s task device, hence incorporates most of the hardware configurations, features, and design material according to the same. The hardware configurations are not of top or high-end it is just mediocre. Security options get thumbs up as you got a wide variety of security options in this laptop.

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