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The Latest on the Updated iPad mini 6: Specs, Design, Launch

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Source: Apple

Apple is gearing up to launch its updated iPad mini this fall alongside the new generation of iPhone 13s. According to 9to5 Mac, anonymous sources at Apple have leaked further details surrounding what to expect for this year’s new mini tablet, which include an updated processor, USB connection and a magnetic Smart Connector.

Through the installment of an updated A15 processor, Apple would be boosting the iPad mini’s performance to levels previously unheard of—thus further straddling the rut between tablet and laptop.

According to Gizmodo, Apple is appearing to be on track to offer the most significant redesign of its iPad mini ever. With new design features, spec updates, and changes to screen size, here are the reasons why the iPad mini is making such large waves.

iPad Mini: Design Updates

  • Replacement of Lightning Port with USB-C
  • Slimmer Bezels and Flat Sides
  • Not-As-Mini Screen Size
  • Removal of the Home Button

The movement away from the lighting port and to a USB-C port is also something that’s received much attention from the tech buzzards. Like the newest Air and the Pro models, this addition would allow the mini to connect an abundance of new accessories and peripherals.

Also, according to a report by Macworld, the iPad mini is growing. Where the previous model stood at 7.9”, the newest model is reported to increase to 8.4”.

The sides of the new mini are also going to be getting a makeover, which, according to John Prosser of Front Page Tech, are getting the flat treatment.

Lastly, there’s no place like no home. Apple is looking to nix the home button on the mini this coming fall and move the touch-id sensor to the power button.

Bottom line—when it comes to the design, many recognize Apple’s desire to transform the iPad mini into a beast very similar to the Air and Pro, the only recognizable difference being the size.

iPad mini: Spec Updates

As stated earlier, the A15 5nm processor is one of the most highly anticipated changes coming to the mini this fall. But that is not all concerning spec updates.

  • 5G Capability
  • New A15 5nm Processor
  • Installment of a Smart Connector

In a step closer to its more professional siblings, the iPad mini is positioned to feature a smart connector. This leads analysts to conclude that Apple is also scheming up a new line of official accessories and keyboards to be available for purchase as an additional option.

And lastly, in step with Apple’s general trend, the iPad mini is aimed to support 5G.

iPad mini: Pricing and Launch Date

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPad mini is set to launch this fall—sometime in early to mid-September—alongside the new line of iPhones. And many conclude that the price tag for the updated mini will hover somewhere around $399 for the 64GB version.

Looking Forward to Launch

A cyclone of anticipation continues to build around the new iPad mini, and as the speculated launch date approaches, there are sure to be more rumors making their way to the surface.

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