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Teclast F7 Plus Review 2019: New Gen. Slim and Light Laptop

Teclast F7 Plus is one of the finest laptops that stand out in quality, performance as well as looks. This laptop can rightly be said the assembly of best things brought together to deliver ultimate user experience.


Teclast F7 Plus can work for hours and hours without breaking a sweat. This ultimate quality beast gets its unending energy from 8th Gen processor Gemini Lake having the technological excellence of Intel. The processor is designed to support multitasking and there is no seam anywhere to be seen the way the tasks are delegated and performed.

teclast f7 plus specs

This processor actually responds and obeys the owner like a true, loyal companion and offers unmatched reliability when it comes to offering endless hours of computing and coding. Multiple threads and cores structure and the cooling mechanism together create a technological marvel that is perfect for the workaholics. And, if you are a gaming and entertainment aficionado, you never feel disappointed.

Graphics Processor

A laptop that can handle graphics like a pro is the need of the hour and Teclast F7 Plus fits the scene perfectly. It comes with 9th Gen UHD Graphics that allow the user to stream, download and process with no extra time and effort oodles of pictures, videos, games and all.

9th gen graphics teclast f7 plus

The crispness of the pictures and faster downloading of content offers an unforgettable experience and the user is all happy and excited when working on this amazing laptop. The UHD quality graphics is the reason why there is awesome crispness in the pictures and videos. This simply outstanding processor gets ultimate visual output support in the form of its marvelous display.

Teclast F7 Plus Display

If the graphics processor is doing its bit from inside, the display is handling the forefront and with all magnanimity. The 14” display powered with IPS is beautifully resolved to 1920×1080 pixels allowing the user to enjoy the crispness of the images and of dynamic content, too, to the fullest. The display stands out in quality and does not weight much to the weight of the laptop too.

display teclast f7 plus

However, it is occupying almost 80% of the body and it is its thin bezel that makes the whole thing lightweight. Thin bezel also offers more space to the content and provides an awesome look with no distracting border to deal with. So, the screen is truly impressive and is fully qualified for becoming the visual output one needs to run high quality content.


The keyboard of Teclast F7 Plus is thin but quite beautiful and handy. It is lightened up with adjustable backlight offering an exciting platform for the user to work. The light can be adjusted according to the surroundings and thus, makes this product quite useful in all kinds of lighting conditions. The 21mm travel keys offer awesome support for typing fast and ergonomically. User never tires down on this keyboard.

keyboard teclast f7 plus

The keyboard is also fit into very thin bezel, thus, you can find sleekness at its best in this input component of the device. There is a big size touchpad also provided at the bottom of the keys to allow user to navigate freely through the content and also work with great satisfaction in completely wireless environment.

Memory and Storage

Memory of Teclast F7 Plus offers reliable support for the fast geeks like you. The device has DDR4 memory which is perfect for the gamers, and other graphics lovers. It offers amazing speed and quicker downloads making it easy for the user to accomplish more in the same time span. The 8GB RAM is responsible for the swiftness in downloads and less consumption of power, thus, allowing you to stay off the cord for longer hours.

memory storage teclast f7 plus

Feather in the cap comes in the form of 128GB Solid State Drive that offers non-depleting space for storing all the work and games and lot more. Whether it is the whole series of novels and literature, your photo gallery or your video collection – everything lies safe, secure and easily accessible in this device.


Teclast F7 Plus is a beautiful treat to the eyes. It weighs only 1.5kgs and is easy to carry around. Thin bezels of keyboard and screen offer amazingly sleek look to the body. The thinnest part of the body measures only 7mm. The body is metallic and its most unique feature is glowing logo. Thus, the device shines in all its glory even when kept in dark.

body teclast f7 plus

Space gray color offers this device quite sophisticated appeal and makes it worth flaunting. Very small elements on the body are provided to enable user understand the device better. For instance, there are indicators for Caps lock, charging, keyboard, a separate SSD slot and also a camera spot that adds more to the awareness of the user regarding the functioning of the device.

Ports and Network Connectivity

The sides of Teclast F7 Plus are studded with high speed ports that make connecting with other devices and data transfers a fun activity. Users can make use of USB 3.0 and HDMI ports to connect with the devices they need for better functioning.

ports teclast f7 plus

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also added to get connected with the web and other compatible devices in no time. You will find a power slot for charging and a headphone slot also to make your calls and music an exclusive appearance.

Operating System

Teclast F7 Plus comes with Windows 10 the operating system that defines multitasking. Users find the menu quite familiar but are sure to get lots of stuff to enjoy. There are soft tools like Cortana, Edge Browser in addition to the operating system that allow users to try different ways of getting things done faster and better.


Perfectly designed for off the hook working, this device has 38Wh battery that lasts long and charges up, too, faster. So, you can actually use this device while on the move and at places where only you and your laptop are needed.

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Teclast F7 Plus is a true charmer inside and out. This device amazes one and all with its user-friendliness and technological excellence. Designed to complement the workers of all types, this device is a great work and fun companion.

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