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Teclast F5 360 degree Rotatable Laptop Review

If you like using your laptop for note-taking, doodling or collaborating, your computing device is likely to have been through a fair amount of rough treatment (read pulling at the screen to get better views and access). An innovative solution is now in the marketplace in the form of Teclast’s new offering—the 11.6” Teclast F5 360 degree rotatable laptop. It can be rotated completely—yes, up to 360 degrees—in any random direction that you need (or please!).

Teclast F5 360 degree rotatable laptop review

The hinge has been thoroughly tested (25,000 times), so the six modes that the laptop supports all exude durability. Beyond the stylish and uber-convenient design are an eighth-generation Intel Gemini Lake processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and ninth-generation HD graphics. All this comes at an affordable price of $329.99. Let’s delve in and discover what else the Teclast F5 has to offer.

All Things Processing

So, how efficient is that Intel Gemini Lake CPU with a 14nm manufacturing process? Well, it can run up to 2.4GHz which is adept at supporting day-to-day operations conveniently. In fact, the CPU has been designed to be 30% more powerful in performance, and we must say, the difference is palpable when you engage in multitasking or operations such as A/V playback. The laptop is equipped with 8GB RAM (DDR4), 128GB of storage space (SSD), and runs Windows 10 Home. The storage space is expandable, so chances are you will have plenty of space to carry your world along with you—photographs, videos, work-related documents, etcetera.

all things processing teclast F5

The battery backup is quite dependable—up to five hours if you playback video. Further, the 3850mAh-battery also supports quick-charge, tending to fire up rapidly after a few minutes of being plugged in. Of course, the longevity of unplugged use tends to depend a great deal on external factors such as environmental fluctuations, the software installed on your device, and the condition in which it is operated.

Sleek, Lightweight, Portable Design

With a profile of only 13mm and a weight of—wait for it—1kg (980g), this is one of the most portable laptops you’re likely to find. Let’s take a moment to appreciate exactly how sleek these numbers are. The 13mm thickness implies it is far thinner than a really thin paperback, while the under-1kg weight suggests you won’t feel a thing as you lug it around with you on hectic days. Behold it, and you’ll find it is smaller even than an A4-size paper!

lightweight design teclast F5

Thanks to its capability of 360-degree rotation, you get a total of six modes of operation. Beyond the usual tablet, laptop, tent and display modes, you can also avail of a “draw” and a “portable” mode. While the display mode is ideal for sharing the screen with your colleagues when you need to present a deck to them, the last two are exceptional for pursuits such as sketching or carrying your laptop on a shaky public bus.

Happily, the design of the Teclast F5 proves to be not only good-looking but also dependable. Aside from the hinge that has been intensively tested, the chassis and overall build are also constructed to last.

Narrow Bezel, Full High-Definition Display

The Teclast F5 delivers a stunning viewing experience with a full HD screen, In-Plane Switching, a frame rate of 60fps, and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. Ninth-generation HD graphics (with 700MHz frequency) realize life-like coloring and brightness which is quite pleasant when you browse through photo albums, engage in multimedia pursuits, or even conduct some amount of gaming. It supports viewing angles up to 178 degrees which further enhances the ease of collaboration (no crowding around to see what’s on screen!).

bezel display teclast F5

Particularly noteworthy is the thin-bezel design that reduces the borders around your screen to a bare minimum, creating a larger display space and more realistic appeal. It is also less intrusive when you want to focus on what’s on screen wholly—say, during calligraphy—and want to wish away all contours.

Smooth Accessibility

Using this device is fairly straightforward; the keys and pads are responsive and precise. However, when it comes to using your laptop for tasks beyond conventional typing and e-mail checking, the T6 active stylus (aluminum) presents a delightful surprise. It is an incredibly intuitive stylus with a replaceable refill, and the effect turns out to be as smooth as using a pen on paper. This is even more immersive when you consider how the device itself looks and feels handier than an A4 sheet of paper!

active stylus teclast F5

While the convenience of the stylus is delightful for all audiences, you might find it particularly handy if you use the device for drawing, calligraphy or doodling during boring meetings at work. The pen can be on standby for as many as 180 days, going to auto-sleep when not in use. Note that this stylus is sold separately and is not included with the laptop.

High-Speed Connectivity

Keeping you attuned to the world around is dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G). It delivers high speeds with little lagging, depending upon the strength of the network signal you are on. There is also a Type-C port and an HDMI to let you connect to any devices, peripherals or external displays.

Connectivity and battery life Teclast F5

The Bottom-line

The Teclast F5 360 degree rotatable laptop has, without doubt, achieved an engineering and design marvel, building a smooth and flexible user experience for work, play and sharing. Using this laptop in its six modes is a delight; the premium hinge is entirely reliable. On the processing front, it succeeds in delivering ample power and efficiency for everyday life, along with a fairly long battery backup.

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The display, too, is attractive, especially with the narrow bezel design and wide-range viewing angles. All in all, this latest Teclast offering takes to the role of a hassle-free, classy, high-performing computer like a duck to water.

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