Sony VAIO SX14 Review

sony vaio sx14 review

Sony has time and time proved their capabilities with the wide range of laptops that they have already released in the past. With the quality of the audio and the visual outputs and the kind of efficiency it packs in, it is not surprised that the launch of the Sony VAIO SX14 was a much … Read more

Sony Introduced 12.5″ VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ

sony introduced 12.5-inch vaio sx12 and vaio pro pj

Sony has always stood out with its electrical devices over the years and the legacy is going to be carry forwarded with its new introductions. Sony recently announced and introduced the first look and specifications of their upcoming launches of the Sony VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ which is set to be launched recently. These … Read more