TSMC’s Price Increase May Affect Apple, NVIDIA, AMD, and Others

By the end of this year, TSMC will increase the price of their wafers and it may affect companies like Apple, NVIDIA, AMD, and others. This can ultimately result in consumer products getting more expensive and although NVIDIA and Apple stood against this earlier, the latest reports indicate that they may end up accepting this … Read more

NVIDIA Teases RTX 40-Series GPU Launch On Twitch

NVIDIA 40 Series Launch

NVIDIA is already teasing the launch of its upcoming RTX 40-series GPUs and they are launching sooner than you’re expecting. The graphics giant is currently doing a countdown on a Twitch live stream which is 40 hours in total and has a bunch of other easter eggs pointing towards the next big release for PC … Read more

Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3 Update Improves Quality of Audio

nvidia broadcast 1.3 update

Surely if you are into streaming, you might have heard about many third-party applications that help streamers go live. However, only a few selected daily streamers are aware of the fact that Nvidia too has an application for doing the same. Since now, it was something that many people didn’t prefer, since it was not … Read more