Nokia XR20 – The Life Proof Phone

nokia XR20

Burn it, drown it, stomp it, find a pair of soccer stars to punt a football ball against it a dozen times—the Nokia XR20 claims to be above human error and destruction and is willing to prove it. In a recent ad campaign, Nokia displayed the durability of their XR20 model set to be sold … Read more

iPhone 14 – Latest Updates, Leaks and Rumors

Apple iPhone 12 pro

With the announcement of Apple’s next generation of iPhone 13’s expected to grace us here in the coming weeks, it may seem premature—improper, even—to begin peering into the universe of the iPhone 14, expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022. But as a wise T.V. ad once challenged the inner consumer in us … Read more

Fresh Leaks Regarding the iPhone 13 Launch

apple iphone 12 spring 2021

Revealing information surrounding Apple’s iPhone 13 launch dropped this past week, foremost of which concerns the product’s launch date—rumored to occur in the first or second week of September 2021. When at last the day comes, Apple plans to unveil four versions of their new model: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro … Read more