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Rumor Suggest Next MacBook Pro Models Could Decommission the Touch Bar for an Innovative Pencil Dock Design

decommissioned touch bar

It’s a time of significant change within Apple; the company announces new models, cuts old ties, and introduces new design changes that secure its trendsetting position on the market of consumer electronics. The company recently introduced new MacBook laptop models featuring its proprietary Apple Silicon chips and entirely new form factors. Additionally, the new and … Read more

Redesigns Are Finally Coming in a BIG Way to the Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini 2020

Apple’s latest Mac Mini models with the company’s proprietary M1 chip, revealed in November 2020, seemed like a pretty good deal. While sporting a $699 price tag, at the time, the devices offered the exact same CPU and GPU as their older and more expensive brethren, the MacBook and iMac computers. So, purchasing a Mac … Read more