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Apple May Launch A Foldable iPad and Foldable Mac by 2024

An Apple foldable device has been rumored for quite some time now and instead of making a folding iPhone, the company seems to be leaning towards a foldable iPad and a foldable Mac instead. A new report suggests that an iPad and a Macbook with folding displays may arrive as soon as 2024. Samsung to … Read more

Redesigns Are Finally Coming in a BIG Way to the Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini 2020

Apple’s latest Mac Mini models with the company’s proprietary M1 chip, revealed in November 2020, seemed like a pretty good deal. While sporting a $699 price tag, at the time, the devices offered the exact same CPU and GPU as their older and more expensive brethren, the MacBook and iMac computers. So, purchasing a Mac … Read more