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ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB51 Business Laptop Review

Featured image ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB51 business laptop

World of business laptops inducts new kid in the block ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB51. Enriched with professional styling, proficient hardware unit, responsive display, enhanced security and versatile connectivity options holds flare to stay ahead in the competition. Experience the ultimate performance driven through newly introduced 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5 processor coupled with 8 GB of RAM. … Read more

ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB71 Business Laptop Specs

featured image ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB71 Business Laptop

New business laptop series from ASUS, ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB71 comes with high-end specifications, elegant design, and massive battery life. Lightweight and compact design allows you to carry this device along-side with you anytime and anywhere easily. Clean sophisticated look paired up with advanced hardware and latest features end your search for affordable and all-rounder laptop. A … Read more

ASUSPRO B9440UA 8th Gen Business Laptop Specifications

ASUSPRO B9440UA 8th Gen Business Laptop Specifications featured cover

Excellent build quality, thin, slim, sleek, ultra light, comfortable keyboard, vivid display, compact and portable define ASUSPRO B9440UA laptop. Crafted with magnesium alloy chassis makes it lighter and stronger. Thin bezels give you larger 14-inch display on actual 13-inch chassis. Beauty combined with powerful 8th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 options adequately supported by … Read more