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System76 Launches Lemur Pro Starting at $1099

When it comes to comparative systems integrated with every last feature that a creative or entertainment buff would be in need of System76 has always got you covered. Their latest launch, the Lemur Pro is expected to be available early April and that too for a starting price of $1099 which was not something everyone expected.

system76 lemur pro laptop

System76 specializes in their Linux based devices and has been posing as an amazing alternative to all the mainstream laptops and desktops that are currently available in the market. The addition of the Lemur Pro further extends the already existing list of the amazing range of laptops, desktops and notebooks that this brand has come out with.

system76 lemur pro lightweight linux laptop

The brand has taken note of their user base’s comfort and made the Lemur Pro weigh just 2.2 pounds, making it the lightest laptop that they have come out with till date. The laptop is extremely slim in shape and comes with a very high quality build that is here to last you more than you could ever imagine.

The cherry on the top is the amazing 73 Whr battery life which ensures that you can rely on it to last you for quite a few hours without giving up on you midway. It does last a minimum of 10 hours, as per the usage of the same.

system76 lemur pro tech specs

As for the processors, System76 has taken care of that for the users too as the device is integrated with the latest 10th Generation 14nm CPUs, standing up just as tall to some of the other available devices with similar kinds of configuration that you otherwise wouldn’t think of.

The device is also integrated with 40GB RAM, which itself is a gigantic front-head game changer. Aside from that, you also do get a pair of M.2 SSD slots, taking your storage needs up to 4TB, which is nothing short of insane.

System76 doesn’t compromise on the quality of the display too and provides with a 14.1” full HD display with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels for crisp and clear visuals without any complaints at all.

The device is also well equipped with all the modern connectivity options including USB 3.0 ports, USB 3.1 type-C ports that further come with charging capacities as well.

Much like the other devices from this brand, even Lemur Pro will feature either Ubuntu or the Pop OS installed in it. The same hasn’t been decided yet. The original OS allows better encryption which means that you get better security without any complaints at all.

The device is expected to be up for purchase early April but given the kind of situation that the world is facing because of the lockdown, everything is tentative at the moment. The device will start from $1099.

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