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Surface Pro 9 Repair Parts Will Be Available To Users Starting 2023

With the introduction of the Surface Pro 9, Microsoft has made several changes to the outside as well as to the inside of the device. Initially, 12th Gen Intel CPUs, new colors, and the easier-to-access SD card slot comes to mind. However, another major change that the new Surface has received is much better repairability and acting further on that, the company will soon make original repair parts available to its users.

Surface Repair Parts
The new Surface Pro 9

Repair Parts for the Surface Pro 9 be available in 2023

As the “Right To Repair” movement gained traction, even Apple came forward to make repairs easier and more accessible to users. Now, Microsoft is also trying to make repairs easy for users, and starting in early 2023, its users will be able to get their hands on genuine repair parts for their Surface Pro 9.

According to a new statement Microsoft gave to iFixit, repairability was a major focus for designing the Surface Pro 9. Alongside improving product design, this change also includes the availability of spare parts and repair instructions. Available repair parts will include the Display, Battery, Motherboard, SSD & SSD Door, Thermal Module with FanSurface Connect portWiFi Deck with Microphones, Front & Rear Cameras, Power & Volume Buttons, Speakers, Back Cover, and the Kickstand.

The company also claimed that they’re working with a major US retailer to create its “authorized repair network” to bring repair options closer to its customers. As far as the Surface Pro 9 repair guides are concerned, Microsoft will make them available by the end of this year (2022) on the Microsoft Support website.

In the past, Surface devices have had terrible repairability and it was almost impossible for users to repair these devices without breaking them. While we’re still in the dark about the repairability status of the new Surface Laptop 5 (which has previously been a nightmare as well), the Surface Pro 9 definitely seems to be a step in the right direction and I hope Microsoft continues this trend with the rest of its Surface lineup as well.

Source: iFixit

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