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Surface Laptops dupes from Samsung leaks out

With so many possible launches skirting around, Samsung seems to have been teasing a possible launch of a Windows laptop with a design very similar to the device from Windows itself. Titled as the Galaxy Book S, the device was leaked by one of the coveted reporter Evan Blass.

samsung galaxy book s

If the details of the leak are to be considered, the device has a square, mono coloured keypad along with the traditional trackpad layout which has a very close resemblance to that of the design of the Surface Laptop from Microsoft. The only thing it lacks is possibly the fabric coating but the rest does seem uncharacteristically similar.

samsung galaxy book s (2)

Apart from these similarities, the rest seem like a staple Samsung laptop with the traditional curved sides and the lack of any particular image on top of the device. The best and a reformed factor in this is the fact that the device does come with a very thinner screen aspect ratio which is expected to be of a lot of help to the users.

Given that it was a sudden leak, we don’t have any good idea about the specifications yet. The only thing familiar at the moment is the presence of a single USB type C port along with the headphone jack on the side. If some rumors and speculations are to be believed, it is said that the device will come integrated with the Snapdragon 855 processor along with 8GB SD RAM.

These ranges of laptops from Samsung are expected to mimic the ones that have been laid down by their competitor Windows with the Surface Laptops. It does have a lot of speculations around it which need to be cleared out.

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