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Sony VAIO SX14 Review

Sony has time and time proved their capabilities with the wide range of laptops that they have already released in the past. With the quality of the audio and the visual outputs and the kind of efficiency it packs in, it is not surprised that the launch of the Sony VAIO SX14 was a much awaited one. The main reason people are excited about this launch is because of the diversity it is bringing along.

sony vaio sx14

Launched in four different versions, this will cater to almost all the types of budgets that people have around when it comes to buying the laptops. The four variations of this new launch skirts between the ranges of $1299-$2199.

If you have been inquisitive of whether or not it is worth the buy or a hard pass, we are here to help you out with just that with a detailed review of the Sony VAIO SX14.

Design and Build

Don’t get confused with the price points, the four available models in this range varies in the price point depending on the kind of processors and the RAM it is integrated with.

Let us start the discussion with the look and feel of the device. It is not a new thing that lightweight design sony vaio sx14 Sony focuses on making their device look attractive and eye catchy from the get go. The Sony VAIO SX14 is no different. The combination of the UD carbon fiber paired with the high rigidity resin ensures that it would last you for an extended period of time without fail.

The best part of this new Sony VAIO SX14 is the fact that it is ultra thin which makes it not just lightweight but very portable as well. This is one of the primary reasons that make it stand out of the crowd without a speck of doubt. It is not broad in dimensions too, so it fits right in with the carrier bags and helps you carry it around with ease.

The main thing about the design of this laptop is the keyboard without a speck of doubt. It is very finely tuned which keeps the noise to a bare minimum and is thus perfect for the corporate life that you are accommodating it into. It also has been manufactured with the most durable material to help withstand any kind of external exposure that it experiences.

connections and ports sony vaio sx14

Additionally, it also does come with 3 separate USB ports for better connectivity without any sorts of compromise whatsoever. It accommodates the USB Type-C port, HDMI port as well as the VGA connector and the LAN as well.


Coming on to the display of the device, all the four variants of the Sony VAIO SX14 does come with a 14” 4K ultra high definition display to provide with the maximum immersive experience like no other. The thin bezel around also improves the screen to body ratio, thus even when you have a small screen, you can make the maximum use out of it.

The high definition display ensures to provide you with crisp visuals and no exaggeration in terms of the color payoff or even the vibrancy that many tend to often complain about.

4k display sony vaio sx14

The 14” display has a high screen resolution which further ensures that you can use it for your entertainment purposes as well except for the normal prospects of the office and business related work that you indulge it with.

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As we did mention, it comes with 4 different variants, ranging from different price ranges but the display settings for the first two variants are full high definition while the rest two are the ones imbibed with the 4K ultra HD display.


This is the prospect where we need to emphasis on the varying types of the Sony VAIO SX14 available in the market. The price range starts from $1299 and goes till $2199 which itself is self explanatory as to why there could be differences in them.

The cheapest of the lot is integrated with the 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD and is powered with the Intel i5 processor which isn’t the latest in the market but does get the job done seamlessly.

performance sony vaio sx14

The next variant which costs $1499 is integrated with 16 GB RAM along with 256 GB SSD and is powered by the Intel i7 processor for the maximum productivity and performance. It is available in the silver colour only at the moment.

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The third variant is the one which costs $1899 and is integrated with 16 GB RAM along with 512 GB SSD along with the 4K ultra HD display and powered by the Intel i7 processor which you can’t get with the other variants. It does provide with an immersive experience to the user without fail. It also comes in two different colors of black and brown.

The last variant costs $2199 and is integrated with 16 GB RAM alongside the 1 TB SSD. It is also powered by the Intel i7 processor and this variant comes in three different colors of black, brown and red.

All of these variants run on the Windows 10 Pro operating system which further enhances the experience of using this altogether.

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The best and unique factor about the Sony VAIO SX14 that does stand out is the kind of security and safety features you have. The finger print scanner enhances the security of the device and keeps it away from prying eyes.

Final Verdict

If you have been planning on investing on a good quality laptop to enhance your overall productivity at work, the Sony VAIO SX14 is one of the best available options currently in the market.

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With so many available options along with the latest features, this does stand out as a good leading device that you can peek into. It also offers variety depending on the model that fits your bill the best.

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