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Sony Introduced 12.5″ VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ

Sony has always stood out with its electrical devices over the years and the legacy is going to be carry forwarded with its new introductions. Sony recently announced and introduced the first look and specifications of their upcoming launches of the Sony VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ which is set to be launched recently.

sony vaio sx12 and vaio pro pj

These two new models are set to redefine the user experience and even the look and feel of the devices in a completely different way. It is the combination of the compact size with the light weight that is setting it apart from the other available models in the market right now. Weighing just 897 g, this is possibly one of the lightest models in the market.

sony vaio sx12 ports
Sony VAIO SX12 Ports

The one marker that also sets it apart from the rest of the ones in the market is the fact that it has a 12.5” display but comes with the full range keyboard, something that you’d get with the desktops or the full size laptops. It is a 19 mm full size keyboard for easier typing and accessibility. It also does come with back lights, so it can be used in the dark as well.

sony vaio pro pj
Sony VAIO Pro PJ

With a thinner bezel and a combined 12.5” full HD display, both Sony VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ are set to redefine compact portability and efficiency into one. The display in these upcoming models has been enhanced by 16%. Apart from the full high definition display, it has also been integrated with the anti-glare and low reflection screen for the best experience.

sony vaio sx12
Sony VAIO SX12

Both of these models have been integrated with the latest 8th Gen Intel CoreTM processor U processor with quad core which ensures to never let you compromise on the efficiency and the speed of the system. The additional touch of the VAIO True Performance further enhances and accentuates the performance up by a notch.

Not just the overall performance of the devices, it is also the exterior that makes it take people’s breath away. Much like the other VAIO series, even this one comes in multiple colours including the brown, gold, pink and silver. You can choose according to your preference which is pretty amazing. Although, the pink model isn’t available for the VAIO Pro PJ but the rest colour are readily available.

The release and the launch dates for these devices haven’t been shared yet. Sony is also planning on releasing a number of limited edition models in varying colours of the prior models with the launch of the Sony VAIO SX12 and VAIO Pro PJ in the near future. If you have been looking forward to the same, make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for the next updates which are expected to be rolled out soon.

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