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Skype Not Working on Mac OS Sierra? 6 Solutions

skype not working on mac os sierra

Do you experience Skype not working on Mac OS Sierra whenever you try to load it? Many users said that their Skype just loads a menu bar on their Mac OS Sierra. At the same time, some users stated that they are forced to update it to the new version.

If you can’t contact your family, friends, and colleagues due to the poor working of Skype, then here’s a solution. This post will clearly explain what method you can approach to better connect with Skype and start your work meetings.

Why Can’t Skype Work on Mac?

Skype users on Mac are experiencing different types of problems. For example, ‘Audio being cut out’, Skype not opening on Mac’, ‘Skype video not showing another person’, and more. The question every user is asking is, ‘why are these problems happening’.

Some common causes behind Skype not working on Mac OS Sierra are a poor internet connection or improper functioning of the camera. Using the outdated Skype version and not satisfying the minimum requirements can also be a reason. Firewall settings also block the app.

Check Broadband Connection

When you are confirmed that your wireless network is working properly, check your broadband/internet connection. Check if you have strong bandwidth. If it is okay, then reconnect to the network and sign out of your Skype app. A few minutes later, log in again.

Sometimes, lack of storage space on Mac leads to Skype not working or similar issues. Delete the duplicate images and view some alternative apps to make it easier. If the system is slow, there is a broadband connection issue. Check the network status of your broadband provider.

Check Wi-Fi Network

When you can’t sign in to your Skype account or can’t start a conversation, check the working of your wireless network. Make sure that there is not much distance from your router. Find three bars at the Wi-Fi signal.

If you can’t see them, bring them closer to the router. When you can’t connect to another router or get near the connected router, switch Wi-Fi off and on. If this would not work in connecting Skype with your Mac, try restarting the router.

Check Audio Settings & Permissions

When you can’t hear the caller on Skype, ensure the app connects to a microphone or speakers. Access Skype and click Alt. Tap Tools and then Audio & Video Settings. Under the microphone, check the volume indicator. The microphone must be linked, turned on, and battery-powered for all wireless versions.

Now, unplug the microphone and plugin again. Select Test audio from Speakers. Increase the volume to maximum headphones or speakers. If it is fine, counter check the menu close to Speakers. Try another option and replay the sample sound again.

Check Skype Preferences

When you can make Skype calls, but another person can’t hear you, there might be audio and video settings problems. For example, the app doesn’t allow webcam or microphone accessibility. Navigate to the Skype menu, click Preferences, and Select Audio and Video.

See the video camera settings you are allowed to use on the top of the window. If there is a red exclamation mark, Skype is not permitted to access the webcam. To solve the issue, click Security & Privacy in System Preferences. Tap Camera and tick the Skype box. Check your webcam is selected in Skype, Preferences, and then Audio & Video. Grant permission to access the microphone.

Check Text-To-Speech Settings

Sometimes, the recent text-to-speech settings create problems in the working of the Skype app. So, you must also try checking these settings. Close your Skype app and hit the Apple logo. Select System Preferences and then go to Accessibility.

Next, locate and tap on the Speech button in the right corner. Try to choose another voice next to the header of System Voice. Once you do that, re-launch the app and figure out if Skype is working perfectly now.

Examine Your Mac System

In some situations, Mac users encounter problems while making a call or slow typing. However, in certain cases, the Skype app refuses to launch together. If you are facing any of these problems, inspect your device.

Try rebooting your Mac and updating the app. If that doesn’t work, some other causes might affect the functioning of the Skype app. Scan your system for Spyware, Worms, Trojan Horses, Viruses, Adware, and other malware risks. Get rid of any threats found. You can also try troubleshooting suggestions mentioned in this video:


And that’s all that you can try when your Skype app is not working or responding on your Mac. All tricks mentioned above have been tried and proven effective by so many macOS Sierra users.

When nothing else proves useful, then try to reset your Skype app, as the app might corrupt. If you are using any antivirus tool, disable them temporarily. As the last tip, you can use Skype from a browser.

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