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Sharp and Dynabook Jointly Developed Dynabook Chromebook C1 with LTE

dynabook chromebook c1

With the new launches that everyone has been looking forward to, Sharp and Dynabook in their first ever collaboration have developed the LTE-built in “Dynabook Chromebook C1” integrating the powerful communication technology from Sharp along with the IT technology from Dynabook. The device has just been announced and is likely going to be available from February 2021.

This highly-functional device is equipped with a stunning 11.6” display and comes in a convertible mode that allows you to not just use this as a laptop but carry it around as a tablet as well. It is powered by the high quality and performance inclusive device with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c CPU that also keeps a check on the battery life of the device.

dynabook chromebook c1 2


Meant with a vision to cater to the Giga School Concept, the device is integrated with LTE to further promote that hassle. Since managing LAN on campus becomes difficult, this device is particularly designed and developed to cut through that problem for good. It reduces the complaints of interrupted connection that is solved by the seamless LTE connection.

The best thing about this new device is its responsiveness. It starts up immediately when switching from the tablet mode. But, that is not all. The Snapdragon 7c processor of the device allows your device to connect to the internet immediately after switching it on. It also promotes energy-saving performance that allows you to use the device throughout the school day without any kinds of interruptions.

Aside from the Chromebook C1, you also do get a pen with the device that is highly productive and ensures smoother performance. It braves through 4096 angles of pen pressure detection and is designed with tilt detection, palm rejection, etc. It can be stored in the main body of the laptop, enabling it to charge instantly without any issues. The unique thing is that you need to charge it for just 15 seconds to experience up to 45 minutes of usage.

The built-in LTE in the device is a boon that allows the students to work from their home environment without any kinds of obstructions. One unique feature in this device that stands out is the fact that it features two built-in cameras, which is uncommon for the laptops.

dynabook chromebook c1 lifestyle

The user facing camera supports HDR quality photos and reduces the risks of overexposure and helps capture the natural and neutral expressions of the children around. This is perfect for the students now who are enrolled in online classes. The out-camera of the device is 5 megapixel, which again is a decent quality option.

dynabook chromebook c1 specs

For a device with such high functionalities, it has an extremely lightweight and portable design that you can carry around without any hassle. The device weighs 1.35 kgs and supports a wide range of I/O ports including USB 3.1 Type-A, Type-C and even a microSD card.

Source: SHARP

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