MyLaptopGuide Scholarship Program

mylaptopguide scholarship program

The world of laptops is a dynamic landscape, continuously flooded by innovations, new launches, and user-friendly features. MyLaptopGuide is an online portal that attempts to capture this thrilling realm in all its glory, encompassing everything related to laptops. This 31 November 2019, MyLaptopGuide is all set to launch a unique scholarship program for college students that promise grand rewards for the deserving.

About MyLaptopGuide

Divided into multiple sections such as reviews, buying guides, and news, MyLaptopGuide is regularly updated with the latest information. The team ensures that the users can derive the maximum benefit from the site’s content by keeping the laptop reviews complete, honest, and relevant to the audience. The reviews cover not only the configuration and the display but also other important facets of laptops like device support, keyboards, and portability. The reviews are constructive, not shying away from criticism where it is due, but also offering a wide-view picture for discerning users.

Another useful section of this website is the buying guides. These are especially helpful for modern-day users who wish to weigh their options and minimize purchase dissonance. By assessing the various features of the laptops and analyzing the specifications, users can make informed choices. The buying guides span across categories such as gaming laptops, business companions, and computers for multimedia editing. Budget laptops and notebooks with stand-out features like distinct coloring and lightweight build are also included. Periodically, the editorial team updates these guides to reflect advancements, upgrades, roll-backs, etc.

The news section of MyLaptopGuide is a massive help in keeping users updated with launches, announcements, and technological upgrades. The website includes news snippets from around the world and covers minute details about relevant events. To its merit, this portal also guarantees that the latest news is covered quickly by surveying various sources, including live coverage, social media, and press releases.

About The Scholarship Program

We live in a hyper-connected world where virtual classrooms, instant research and online assignments are the norm. It is practically impossible to visualize campus life without a reliable computer that you can turn to inside and outside the classroom. Whether it is for taking notes during an unending late-evening lecture or unwinding to a movie back in the dorm, college and computers go hand-in-hand. MyLaptopGuide is cognizant of this reality and has decided to simplify the life of the college-student — in style!

Under the all-new scholarship program to be launched on 2019/11/31, MyLaptopGuide will give out some amazing laptops and computing hardware to both undergraduates and postgraduates. The nine month long competition will attempt to handpick some of the most deserving students across colleges and majors and partner with them along their academic journey.

MyLaptopGuide plans on making the most of its expertise in the computing world to understand and address the needs of students—arguably one of the most critical audiences. This is why the scholarship program, a one-of-its-kind initiative, is an excellent opportunity for college-goers. There are multiple laptops on offer, from premium $1000 machines to handy, portable notebooks for everyday use. The prizes can double up as multimedia editors, travel buddies, entertainment platforms, you name it.

Also covered in the scholarship are computer peripherals, hardware, and software designed to facilitate easier life on and off-campus. You can win SSDs and HDDs to up your storage game as well as sturdily-designed keyboards and responsive mice to get the job done quicker. Whether you are looking to acquire a new laptop for your day-to-day tasks or upgrade an existing one, the scholarship program has something for you.

Participation Rules and Information

The scholarship program is open to all college students, whether they are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Here is what you need to do to get rolling:

  • Write an article on the topic “The importance of laptops for college.” Why do you think college students need laptops, if at all? Are they mere style statements or devices that meet pressing needs? How would campus life be without laptops? These are only thought-starters; feel free to put your thinking caps on and let the thoughts flow!
  • Make sure to share your personal views on the subject in your own words. Originality is very welcome; plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • The word limit is 1000-1500 words. Keep within the word limit, please, for part of excellence lies in brevity.
  • E-mail your article as an attachment to Ensure that the subject of the e-mail is “Submission for Laptop Scholarship Program.
  • Multiple entries are not allowed. Make the one you send in your very best work.

Result and Prize Information

It’s raining prizes this season! MyLaptopGuide will pick the ten best entries for the laptop scholarship based on the creativity, originality and relevance of your article. The team promises to evaluate every entry for effort. So, rest assured, if your heart is into it, there is a mega chance that you might be one of the victors.

Here is what you stand to win. Be prepared to hold your breath!

  • First prize: Powerful, premium laptop worth $1000
  • Second prize: High-performing, multipurpose laptop worth $700
  • Third prize: Nifty, all-rounder laptop worth $500
  • Fourth and fifth prizes: Updated laptop components (SSD, hard drive, etc.) worth $200. Time to upgrade your computer for a busier, faster future.
  • Sixth to tenth prizes: Laptop peripherals (headphones, mouse, software, etc.) worth $100. Here is your chance to jazz up your machine like never before.

The results will be announced on the social media platforms of MyLaptopGuide. You can access them at OUR FACEBOOK and TWITTER PAGE. They will be also be published here, so watch this space.

Note: It might take up to a month after the contest closes for the results to be announced.


Time is of the essence. The laptop scholarship program kicks off on 2019/11/31. The competition will run for nine months, and you can submit your entries until 2020/08/31. MyLaptopGuide is likely to announce the results a month after the submission date, although this is subject to change.

Here is a word of advice: respect the deadline! We will be unable to accept any entries that come in after 2020/08/31, fantastic as they may be. When you are in the running for powerful laptops and spectacular computing paraphernalia, it would be a pity not to have time by your side.

Why not get started already? We know you are longing to!