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Samsung’s new Chromebook Plus (LTE) will be available from 2nd November

The marvels of Chrome OS, anywhere internet connectivity and a sleek, stylish body are not going to be a dream material anymore. Samsung has achieved all these features in their new offering Chromebook Plus (LTE) that has beastly powers in a compact body. Open to sale from 2nd November, the device is the best alternative for the users who need a work and play companion truly portable in nature and fully compatible with their on-the-move lifestyle.

samsung’s new chromebook plus (LTE)

Why you must be the first to book Chromebook Plus (LTE) from Samsung

The laptop market is buzzing with action as Samsung has announced its Chromebook Plus (LTE) to be ready for purchase from 2nd November. This is the device that should be in your buy-list because:

  • It has ability to boot up practically instantly, thus, you find your device more available to you for work.
  • It offers cloud-based storage solutions and a bevy of cloud applications that allow you working from anywhere, anytime and make the best of the most of the working hours of the day
  • Even when you want to wind down, all you need is this device that can store your music and movies with no stress, allows you streaming content online with no interruption and have the best entertainment material of your preference available to you to access when you are offline too.
  • With Samsung Chromebook Plus (LTE), you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones from anywhere. So, you can have high quality video calls, internet enabled jamming sessions and important conference meetings even while on the go.
  • The laptop is perfect for teachers and learners as well. It comes with a proven set of work applications that are accessible through Google Drive. Thus, you can write documents, paint pictures, prepare presentation slides and even do your billing by just logging on to your Google account. So, you need not wait to reach home or office, in fact, you carry your office with yourself when Samsung Chromebook Plus (LTE) is in your backpack.
  • This device is using the best makers of software and processors like Google and Intel to create a work tool that works real fast and error-free, and is robust enough to take on multiple applications at once. While the quality of chips is guaranteed by Samsung intelligence, what resides on those chips is also of premium quality as it is coming from who’s who of the technology world.
  • This device with is LTE technology has removed the requirement of searching for Wi-Fi to stay connected with the internet. So, you are on the web even when you are away from an internet router.
  • The device can be used as a designing tool, as its touchscreen and 360 degree rotatable screen allows you using it as a tablet and the pens and cameras built-in on to it offer you a reliable support to give form to your imagination.

So, order your Samsung new Chromebook Plus (LTE) on 2nd November without fail and bring home your work and play tool that would never fail you.

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