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Samsung to showcase new 13.3 to 16-inch OLED displays for laptops

samsung oled display for laptops

The starting month of 2021 has been a pretty hectic one, with range of laptops lined up for launch. The Virtual Consumer Electronics Show 2021 is going to happen soon where multiple brands and manufacturers are going to launch their new series of laptops and mobile devices integrated with the latest functions and hardware.

The event is going to feature AMD wherein the brand is all set to launch their new Ryzen 5000 mobile CPU series. Likewise, Intel is also geared up to launch their latest Tiger Lake-H35 series. That is not where it stops though. Even NVIDIA is going to introduce its latest GeForce RTX 30 series series.

samsung oled laptops

All of these new launches are likely going to happen by the second week of January but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Apart from the processors, one launch that has been much-awaited is the one from Samsung. The tech brand just announced that they are set to begin the mass production of the new OLED screens for the laptops. All of this is likely going to kickstart in February.

The company also clarified that they are all set to launch 10 new displays for the customer’s needs, ranging from sizes between 13.3 to 16 inches. This will also be the first time that Samsung will be bringing in the awaited 15.6” FHD display in February.

samsung oled cinematic color

The introduction of the low-resolution OLED screen is likely going to be a game changer, enhancing the popularity of the same in the market in the nearing months. The brand is also planning on extending their OLED notebook range with enhanced security features for its consumers.

While the launch of the new displays has been announced, Samsung is yet to disclose the refresh rate paired with the same. The only available information is that the OLED screens will be integrated with 10x higher response times compared to the LCD screens from the brand.

samsung oled bright highlight

Samsung is likely going to put more emphasis on the image quality of the display compared to the gaming experience; if the video released by the brand is anything to go by. The new range of OLED screens will also have 120% of DCI-P3 coverage combined with brightness as low as 0.0005 nits.

While the launch of new OLED screens happened last year from renowned brands like ASUS, HP and Dell. Aside from that, even some gaming laptop brands have introduced laptops with OLED screens including ASUS ROG, Razer and Gigabyte Aorus. But, tacked with 4K resolutions, these devices did come with a higher price range.

Source: ComputerBase via VideoCardz

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