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Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z Comes with 8th Generation Processor

Enthralling gaming aficionados this season is the new 15.6” notebook the Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z that has been competently designed to be adept at adrenaline-pumping gaming. But alongside, it is also flexible enough to adapt to everyday living. The Odyssey Z is driven by an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor and is fitted with a spectacular NVIDIA GTX1060 graphics card for smooth, lag-free gaming.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z

While this beauty of a machine is priced at $1,799.99, here’s the most thrilling part: you can now get it on Amazon at a discount! The e-tailer is running a limited time offer wherein, on a minimum purchase of $150, you get to save $20 on Microsoft Office. Saving money never hurts when you’re purchasing a full-power gaming laptop, eh?

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If you think about it, the Odyssey Z goes out of its way to deliver more than it promised. So, it has a powerful processor and a productive Windows 10 Home OS, 16GB RAM, 256GB of storage (SSD), and an NVIDIA graphics co-processor. It’s a configuration tailor-made for seamless gaming as well as high-res tasks like video editing. It is also possible (and fairly straightforward) to closely monitor the performance through the Odyssey Control Center.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z Comes with 8th Generation Processor

In terms of display, you get splendid frame rates, everything loading quickly on the High-Definition screen. The screen has a full resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is optimal for most of the popular games of today. If you so desire, you can connect the device to the Odyssey HMD and get a captivating, mixed reality experience.

This laptop, however, doesn’t restrict itself to high-power gaming without due regard to durability and longevity of use. To ensure long, hassle-free hours of operation, the Odyssey has an innovative heat management system (the “Z Aeroflow Cooling System”). This employs two fans to dissipate heat from both the CPU and the GPU, keeping things cool for a long time.

Z airflow cooling system Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z

Let’s talk about this laptop’s predisposition to mobility—that essence of a modern-day device so loved by the contemporary audience. This beautiful titan-silver laptop may have been built for heavy-duty gaming, but it is quite sleek with a weight of 5.29lbs and a width of 0.7”. Constructed sturdily with a brushed aluminum body, the Odyssey is incredibly portable.

In fact, this sense of mobility extends throughout, from the ergonomic keyboard (backlit, curved keycaps) to the HD camera that lets you stay connected wherever you go. It is also fitted with two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port to allow you to connect to any devices/peripherals that you need.

Samsung has, historically, developed stunning computing devices that merge power with style. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z ably carries the legacy further, delivering satisfactory gameplay with superior display and sound.

It is a robust, imposing device that draws its power from a mighty processor, a well-designed cooling system, and durable construction. At the discounted price on Amazon, it definitely looks well worth the investment.

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