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Samsung Notebook Odyssey Review 2019

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is here to startle the gaming lovers with their latest offering – Samsung Notebook Odyssey at CES 2019. This laptop is exclusive in a variety of ways and has perfect set of features to make gaming a seamless process for the enthusiasts. This laptop is all atoned to meet the existing competition and has everything to offer a complete gaming experience to the user.

samsung notebook odyssey 2019 a rog, predator or msi competitor

Design and functionality come together for the masterpiece

Samsung Notebook Odyssey has a design that oozes functionality. This laptop is designed to offer the liveliest of gaming action to the user which is clearly missing in limited resource setting of a mobile phone. The laptop comes studded with a plethora of features that collectively creates an immersive experience. The display is accentuated by minimizing the bezel size and the refresh rate of 144Hz creates a seamless experience for the user. Users can enjoy more interactive experience made possible by this NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

design samsung notebook odyssey 2019

Thus, style and performance are given equal importance while designing this laptop and it is surely a strong option to consider.

Smooth gaming made easy with Intel 8th Gen processor

The hexa-core build of the 8th Gen processor from Intel offers added smoothness while the gameplay that involves intensity at various levels. If you are a fan of intense gaming and play only to win, your every battle is likely to add more feathers to your cap when fought on Samsung Notebook Odyssey. This laptop is designed to tackle the most demanding of game requirement with added ease and delivers a butter-smooth front end. The 20-series GPU from NVIDIA GeForce RTX is the power fuel that makes this gaming laptop perfect for every battle.

samsung notebook odyssey 2019

The excellence of Artificial Intelligence and acts like ray tracing or programmable intuitive shading is made possible with this GPU. To add to the fun of uninterrupted experience, all heat generated is blown away with mammoth air spread. The five-pipe cooling system allows the user to turn on the device to full throttle and there is no unwanted miss or gap happening due to crash caused by heat build-up. All this makes your gaming session a thing of pure fun and unlimited excitement.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019 Specs

ProcessorIntel Core i7
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
Storage256GB SSD and 1TB HDD
Display15.6” Full HD (144Hz)

Features incorporated for excellent gaming

It feels like heaver when the device we choose sticks to the optimized settings. The settings last saved for any game are the same every time the battle is put on. The Samsung Notebook Odyssey offers a modulated way of performance that matches the requirements of the software being run.

There is a Black Equalizer provided to offer optimal aesthetics fitting to the kind of game playing on the laptop. The users get to experience more of Samsung Notebook Odyssey with additional storage created by the help of additional SSD or by blocking the default HDD.

Awesome experience offered by keyboard

The keyboard of Samsung Notebook Odyssey looks simply marvelous with each key having a dedicated LED to make the whole space lit. The gaming environment is added more panache as the keyboard’s lighting system can be adjusted as per the mood of the game. This laptop is also provided with a touchpad that makes navigation pretty easier and point and shooting a truly seamless affair.

Sound that reaches the soul

Samsung Notebook Odyssey’s audio system is excellence exemplified. This laptop yields immersive sound produced by Dolby Atmos effect speakers. It is the clarity and crispness that make the audio something to swear by. The user is easily transported to the game environs by this engaging audio system making it a truly enjoyable experience.

Make connectivity easy for awesome gaming experience

The laptop can be connected with HDMI port which allows bringing in a full-fledged 4K display. Thus, you can enjoy the unmatched crispness of graphics of the game. The user also finds other ports like 3xUSB 3.0, USB Type – C that can help you have lots of devices connected for added fun. It also allows you sharing games with the other players and also own a repertoire enriched than the peers. There is an RJ 45 slot also provided for faster Gigabit internet connectivity allowing you to stream the game swiftly and GPU enables downloading the fastest. There is 802.11 ac Wi-Fi slot also provided to make connecting to the web a cheerful experience. You can connect instantly to the web and also get uninterrupted link that allows seamless data download.

Store as many games as desired

There are humongous space options of 256GB NVMe SSD 2 in slots and 1TB HDD slot that can make it easy to store as many games as required. This space is sufficient to bring a big positive change in the way you store and play games. A number of gaming applications with the best features are easy to run and allow user to install all interesting plug-ins, tools, statistical tools etc to make the whole affair of playing much systematic.

Memory that works as you require

There is a dual memory slot amounting to 16GB RAM which enables faster downloads and swifter processing of applications and tools. The users can make as many functional choices as required and have a plethora of applications working simultaneously.

Best quality faster display

The display of Samsung Notebook Odyssey is an eye to the treat. This FHD beauty is all things smart and beautiful. It optimizes the brightness and other features as per the game style. The G-Sync feature is ideal for bringing added seamlessness in the rolling out of frames and the process happens so fast that it is no less than a cinematic experience.


Samsung Notebook Odyssey is surely an innovative and promising entrant in the list of gaming laptops. But, how will it perform on the battery front will be something worth watching. Make it a point to pre-book the laptop if you need gaming laptop that spells diversity in functions.

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