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Samsung Notebook Flash Launched in Korea

Samsung just carried forward its legacy of supremely stylish, powerful computing devices that outdo their peers with the launch of the new 13.3” Samsung Notebook Flash in Korea. If the name conjures an image of a fast, dazzling laptop that gets things done “in a flash,” well, that’s pretty much what you can expect. Available in three gorgeous colors—linen white, twill charcoal, and soft coral—this notebook is fitted with a Gigabit wireless LAN card (Intel) that delivers speeds up to 1.7Gbps. This makes it a launch of eminence when it comes to devices that offer a seamless, high-speed internet experience.

samsung notebook flash launched in korea

The Samsung Notebook Flash is priced at 820,000 won ($724.11) for the NT530XBB-K24W model. The NT531XBB-K01BB model, which is a KT-only model and offers GiGA Wi-Fi Wave2, is priced at 8,000 won per month ($7.06).

samsung notebook flash

Providing its users with a brilliant internet experience is the life-mission of this notebook. To this end, it uses Intel’s Gigabit wireless LAN card (802.11 ac 2X2) that excellently supports browsing, downloading, etc. The KT model, on the other hand, is optimized for Wi-Fi and lets users avail of the latest gigabit router. Not just that, KT is also offering 5000 early-bird customers a 64GB memory card. Who said no to free additional storage, ever?

samsung notebook flash keyboard

The new Samsung launch regards style in high esteem, and this is evident in everything right from the build to the display. The screen is full High-Definition and supports wide-angle viewing, thereby letting you enjoy undistorted imagery during A/V playback or internet browsing. Of special note is the retro keyboard—designed like an analog typewriter with curved keycaps and a 3D palm rest. The palm rest feels warm and comforting while the keys appear to be individually crafted. Not only is this design attractive and rather vintage, but it is also ergonomic and comfortable for typing.

samsung notebook flash design

If you talk about device support, this notebook provides a USB port (Type-C) that supports various kinds of peripherals including smartphones and UFS cards (Universal Flash Storage). The UFS-compatibility is particularly handy as these cards are almost five times as fast as traditional micro SD cards. Result: speedy data storage and transfer, excellent for sharing things with peers and colleagues.

samsung notebook flash 2

A computer that’s as well-connected as that warrants a commitment to security. The Notebook Flash fulfills this with Samsung’s proprietary software and fingerprint-based login through Windows Hello. Interestingly, Samsung makes possible the reassuring protection of a “secret folder” that’s accessible only with secure login. Further, the Windows 10 operating system brings to the table additional security and tools for productivity and collaboration.

Built in close consultation with Microsoft, Intel, and KT, the new Samsung Notebook Flash is a smart amalgamation of style, connectivity, and performance. While the design is certain to grab eyeballs with its dazzle and ergonomic quotient, the internet support helps make this notebook a dependable partner for students, working professionals, and anyone who champions a mobile, on-the-go lifestyle.

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