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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Leaked comes with 90Hz OLED Display

samsung galaxy book

Samsung display is working in full swing and the brand is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 featuring the stunning 90Hz OLED display.

January, 2021 has brought in a plethora of exciting launches in laptops and the list seems to be never ending because Samsung has contributed its part to the launch too. The brand is all set to launch their very 90Hz OLED laptop display via the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360.

While there are not many specifications of the device shared yet, we have a few preliminary inputs about this stunning upcoming display of the device that was worth sharing. Aside from the display, the laptop will also be integrated with Bluetooth 5.1 version for ease of wireless communication.

samsung galaxy book pro 360 leaked

Coming round to the highlight of the device, the 90Hz display. It is expected to offer the users with high-speed and uninterrupted performance compared to the 120Hz LCD display. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is not likely the only device that is going to be launched with the 90Hz OLED display this year because there are a few other devices lined up for the same too.

Samsung Display stated recently that they are going to be mass producing the 90Hz display in the first quarter of 2021. The tech brand emphasises that rendition of the static images 90 times a second is likely going to help make the movements look much more lifelike in real-time, which is exactly what every user is currently on the lookout for.

The brand has also tested out the upcoming 90Hz OLED display’s blur length and found that the image drag in the same was 0.9 mm, which enables the users to experience a smoother and clear effect with the constant risks of blurring.

Speculations suggest that the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is going to feature a 2-in-1 convertible design with a flexible 360-degree hinge. There hasn’t been much information about the device yet but speculations suggest that the device might come powered with the latest 11th Gen. Intel Core processor with enhanced graphics.

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