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Samsung DDR6 Memory in Development – GDDR6+ and GDDR7 are in the Making Too

Samsung final unveiled more information concerning the next-gen memory technologies, including DDR6, GDDR6+, GDDR7 and HBM3 processes for superior user experience of the next-gen users.

samsung teases next gen gddr6+ and gddr7

Following the most recent launch of the much-awaited DDR5 memory configuration, Samsung has something more up their sleeves as they shared in their annual tech day. The new standard is now configurable with the upcoming Intel Alder Lake CPUs but that hasn’t stopped memory chipset developers to refine the existing DDR5 system.

The memory makes are working for better data transfer speed and have even teased chipsets that deliver up to 7000 mbps transfer speeds that will eventually get better and more with more integration of the recent technologies.

DDR6 Memory in Development Currently

Samsung has rightfully teased their current project with the upcoming DDR6 that is here to meet the next-generation memory standard and requirements of the users. However, with the recent launch of the DDR5 memory chipset recently, the launch of the DDR6 memory won’t be until 2025-26.

The timeframe between the launch of DDR4 and DDR5 was almost 6 years, so expecting the same for DDR6 is justified.

The current expected reports for the DDR6 memory system are expected to hit up to 17,000 Mbps transfer speed, which is definitely going to transform the facet of multitasking and user experience.

samsung ddr6 memory standard
Source: ComputerBase

There are manufacturers who has teased up to 12000 mbps transfer speed for most of the configurations of DDR5 DIMMs. So, it won’t be a surprise for the DDR6 variant to reach up to 20,000 mbps speed. The DDR6 chipset is also expected to be integrated with 16-bit memory channels with a total of 64 memory banks.

Refined GDDR6+ for the Next-gen GPUs

Besides the staple DDR6 memory chipset, Samsung has also teased the upcoming launch of the GDDR6+ for the upcoming next-gen GPUs in the laptops and desktops. Reports suggest that the GDDR6 is going to be a more refined form of the GDDR6X with better bandwidth.

The GDDR6+ is expected to feature up to 24 gbps speeds and will be a breakthrough for the upcoming GPUs in the market.

Besides the GDDR6+ in the making, there is a mention of GDDR7 as well. This one is expected to offer up to 32 gbps data transfer speeds with real-time error protection technology, which will be a first of many.

The GDDR7 memory with 256-bit wide bus interface is expected to produce up to 1TB/sec of total bandwidth with 32 gbps transfer speeds. Just the mere mention of these bandwidths is enough to transform the whole user experience of the users beyond expectations.

Launch of HMB3 Memory Production in 2022

Last on the list of upcoming launches is with the HMB3 memory that is expected to start its mass production in the second quarter of 2022. This memory standard will integrate the power of future HPC with the data centre CPUs and GPUs.

There is not much information about the transfer speeds and efficiency yet. The Sk Hynix has showcased their new HMB3 modules recent and those speed tests were nothing short of a breakthrough.

Source: Wccftech, ComputerBase

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