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Red Dot: Product Design Award Winning Laptops 2018

Red Dot is an organization devoted to recognizing the best work done in various product categories. This entity is so prestigious that its seal has become the seal of quality. The innovators like who is who of the world of electronic gadgets vie for having this seal in their list of achievements. The company organizes competitions in three distinct fields, such as:

  • Product design
  • Communications Design
  • Design Concept

This organization came into being in 1955 when it introduced the concept of providing a prestigious platform for the innovators. The competitors exhibiting the highest standard of design excellence, innovative approach and also those considered a breakthrough in any field put their best work on display. Thus, the products and design concepts are divided into various categories (about 48 in total) so that each product entering the competition can be recognized on the basis of innovation that it has achieved.

Red Dot Product Design Award Winning Laptops 2018

Apart from organizing the product and concept design competition awards, the Red Dot is involved in various other activities such as, organizing forums and seminars for discussions among the guest speakers and other innovators. It also has Red Dot Designs Museum which is like the Hall of Fame for the innovative designers. This quality recognizing entity offers avenues like Online Presentation, Red Dot Design Yearbook etc., making it to such avenues is a big thing for the producers and manufacturers around the world.

Red Dot activities

  • Red Dot Projects: The Red Dot Projects are introduced to identify and discuss various current topics, latest developments and anything that is trending. The idea is to make innovators become aware of the latest happenings and also to encourage the best brains to come together, learn, share and eventually grow and contribute better to the world of products.
  • Red Dot Design Museum: This Design Museum organized multitude of seminars, exhibitions and workshops through a European project PROUD (People Researchers Organizations Using Design for co-creation and innovation). The events such as conference on Design for societal changes, innovations for new mobility – caravanning design awards, trade fair in China are a few thoughtful platforms provided during 2011 to 2015, which showcased the best brains in product innovations and their role in making products more intelligent, less resource consuming and highly yielding.
  • Yearly competitions: Organized every year since 2012, Xiamen International Week Design in China is the ultimate hub where innovators in various fields come together and showcase their best products. The seminars are organized where detailed talks happen and ideas are exchanged among the top brains in various industries on how their products are proving to be the present face of the sector they are part of.

Types of honors conferred

Red Dot awards are of four types – Red Dot: Best of the Best, Red Dot, Honorable Mention and Red Dot: Luminary. Red Dot: Best of the Best is awarded to the product featuring a breakthrough design. This product design award recognizes the best product in any of the categories. Red Dot award is designed for exceptional quality product design.

The products with out-of-the-world design appear in the winners’ list of Red Dot. Honorable Mention is given to the product design that is the result of a well-executed process. The product that is an outcome of a detailed and well-organized process appears in Honorable Mention. Red Dot: Luminary is the highest honor and recognizes those innovations that have capability to inspire others.

What does the Winner Get

Red Dot is all about recognition. The winner product gets the coveted red dot seal. They win the cash prize too. Along with it, they get the mention in Red Dot Yearbook. The winners are listed in the online presentation list for one year. Thus, this award is considered a good driver for market capturing and offers the best products the opportunity to stay a class apart in literal sense.

Red Dot: Product Design Awards for Laptops – Winners of Year 2018

  • HP – HP Envy 13, HP EliteBook x360
  • Acer – Predator 21 X, Acer Chromebook 11 N7, Acer Switch 3, Acer TravelMate Spin B1, Acer TravelMate Spin 7, Acer Chromebook Spin 11
  • ASUS – Asus Pro B9440, ASUS ROG STRIX GL502 / 702 Series, ASUS ROG GX501
  • Lenovo – ThinkPad T470, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  • AppleMacBook Pro 15”, MacBook Pro 13”
  • Samsung – Samsung Odyssey
  • LGLG Gram
  • Dell – Dell Latitude 2-in-1
  • Kangaroo by Infocus – Kangaroo Notebook


All these products have stood out in achieving the emotional as well as intellectual ambitions of the users at various levels. Red Dot seal is the seal of innovation, product feasibility. Make with a mindset to change the world – this is the focus that receives recognition and appreciation in various Red Dot competitions.

The product need not be complex, but it has to be user-centric. It should define convenience. The design with conviction of delivery is something that every user looks forward to. The above list of winners demonstrates the common virtue of multi-functionality, exceptional design, crystal clear thought process and flawless execution of the product plan.

All these winners have demonstrated how gaming technology has improved over the years. The final product is actually preceded by a series of prototypes that were actually the benchmarks of quality of design. Innovation in various parts of the products so that they performed much better way in the limited inner space has formed the premise of selection. Thus, same product showing drastic improvement over the previous versions in terms of performance, durability and reliability shows how far the innovators have come in the thought process. The list certainly is the collection of well-deserved winners.

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