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RealmeBook Makes Live Appearance Ahead of August 18th Launch

RealmeBook pricing, specifications, and images allegedly leaked ahead of its official China launch on August 18, revealing many details regarding the device.

The upcoming laptop series from a Chinese manufacturer will launch simultaneously in both China and India, with some of its features teased before the launch. Now, live images have leaked online, revealing the device’s aesthetics.

Industry insider familiar with the eastern market, Abhishek Yadav, has revealed live images of the upcoming Realme laptop sitting on an office desk.

From what we’ve seen on his images, the upcoming RealmeBook features a stunning 14” display surrounded by reasonably thin bezels encased in what seems as a brush-finished blue metal casing.

And while it’s evident that the company drew its inspiration from Apple, Realme is targeting the mid-range section of the price/performance spectrum.

Realme Book Coming Soon

According to the tipster’s information, the RealmeBook’s display will feature an FHD resolution, backed by Intel Iris Xe Graphics embedded into the laptop’s 11th Gen of Intel Core i5 processor (Intel Tiger Lake, the very same spotted inside Surface Laptop 4).

The laptop will also feature 8 GB of RAM, a fingerprint scanner, two USB Type C ports, and a pre-installed copy of Windows 10. All are priced at approximately ₹40,000, or roughly $540.

However, more recent price leaks suggest that China’s RealmeBook will launch with a price tag of ₹54,000 – roughly equivalent to $730. But that’s not the only thing recent leaks have revealed.

Realme initially planned to unveil RelameBook in China, and RealmeBook Slim in India on the very same date, with both models featuring the very same hardware – or so it was announced and expected.

However, the initial reports have changed; RealmeBook and RealmeBook Slim will now release as devices sporting different hardware specs – with RealmeBook Slim being the more affordable laptop model.

Hardware-wise, the RealmeBook laptop, set to release to the Chinese market, might get a hardware upgrade, with its RAM upgraded to 16 GB.

It will also feature 512 GB of storage, though it’s still unclear whether it’s an SSD or HDD drive, and a 65W power delivery will power the entirety of its hardware.

This puts the device on the lower-mid-range of the performance spectrum, given how gaming laptops, which are mighty machines, consume roughly 130-185 watts of power.

The RealmeBook Slim, aimed at the Indian market, is set to release with an 11th Gen Intel Core i3 processor and possibly less RAM and less storage, justifying its more accessible price of ₹40,000 (approx. $540).

Of course, both models will probably feature different options in terms of RAM size, storage capacity, and type, which could affect the end price for the users.

Both laptops are set to launch alongside Realme GT 5G and Realme GT Master Edition smartphones on the very same day.

These devices make use of Realme’s proprietary PC Connect feature, which allows RealmeBook users to connect with their Realme smartphones.

Though the exact function of this feature hasn’t been disclosed yet, it will most likely enable users to get notifications, reply to messages, and perhaps answer phone calls from their Realme smartphone through their RealmeBook laptop.

In the end, Realme seeks to compete with other laptop manufacturers, going against the RedmiBook and Mi NoteBook devices. As such, it emerges as a brand that offers premium features at a more reasonable price. However, you can’t really have one without the other, at least when it comes to performance.

All The Ports You Need

Despite sporting the 11th Generation of i5 processors, backed up by a power supply that offers only 65 watts, the Realme series lacks dedicated graphics chips that would make it a true powerhouse.

As such, its best applications are limited to education, communication, entertainment in the form of audio and video, and perhaps some limited video or photo editing.

Its integrated graphics might prove effective for light gaming sessions, but they can’t compare to modern laptops with dedicated GPUs sporting over 700% more rendering power than Intel Iris Xe Graphics.

With that said, non-gaming-oriented users will enjoy the premium feel and overall good features announced on both models of RealmeBook when it launches on August 18.

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