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Razer Zephyr RGB Smart Mask Clears FCC Available Soon

The Razer Zephyr RGB Smart Mask has finally cleared the FCC registrations, and this N95 respirator mask is expected to be available soon for public use.

razer project hazel - zephyr rgb smart mask

If you have followed the CES 2021 event, you likely know about the Razer Zephyr and the kind of talks it brought along with it. Razer, a brand that is known for its gaming laptops and tech innovations has another breakthrough for their consumers.

razer projecat hazel

Initially, during the CES 2021 event, the smart mask was named under Project Hazel, which was later changed to Razer Zephyr. If you are completely new to the name and what it entails, this smart mask is a transparent N95 respirator with active ventilation, auto-sterilization and the staple RGB look to combat the threat of the impending pandemic that the world is struggling with.

The mask has finally received the FCC certification and is going to be available for a community beta testing before it is made available commercially.

Razer Zephyr smart mask FCC label

Despite the series of design tweaks and developments that the mask has undergone, Razer finally has a design that they are comfortable sharing with their consumers.

Compared to the initial design, the latest model lacks the ear loops is swapped out for the head adjustable straps for enhanced comfort. The face mask has a more compact design with an additional vent near the chin for a chic look.

The users are also inquisitive if the mask will feature a host of the rumored features including built-in voice amp, low light mode and even the rechargeable ventilators. Just the prototype of the mask left the users excited for what’s to come.

The primary purpose behind developing this smart mask was to enable individuals live a social and sustainable life, one that isn’t tampered with the dooming risks of the pandemic. Also, the mask is designed with the 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency with anti-fogging coating.

razer zephyr smart mask

The mask also comes with replaceable filters along with a charging case with UV light to perish virus and bacterial particles. The clear window in the mask makes it easier for the deaf people to lip read for easier communication.

In case you are interested in enrolling in the community beta testing, you can enroll right here. It only asks for name, country, email and a social media profile link.

Although Razer hasn’t revealed any details about the price and availability of the Zephyr yet, we can estimate the price to be around $299 or more. However, it is better we wait it out for the official confirmation.

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