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Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook Overview

Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is a technological marvel fit for on-the-move users who need a reliable device while they are at college or work or are traveling. Light on pocket and sturdy in processor, the device is able to handle all jobs thrown at it with exceptional ease.

proscan pltnb1432 cheap portable notebook overview


Intel Bay trail Z3735F (Quad Core), 1.8 GHz processor makes this device a performance expert. The device exhibits best performance owing to 1.8GHz refresh rate and is ideal for accomplishing the tasks display and performance proscan pltnb1432 of all kinds. You can process multiple applications, have speedy downloads and also have lot of fun with this robust processor that never slows down. It continues to work seamlessly when pushed to the extremes.


Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is available in two display size choices – 10” and 14”. You can enjoy the freedom of selection as it allows you having the device best suited to your needs. The 14” display comes resolved to 1366 x 768p and 10” display is resolved to 1024x600p offering you an exception quality visual output for the high quality content commonly found in the present times. You will find exceptional crispness in the images and the added clarity of videos offer a cinematic experience right at your lap.

Operating System

Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is a reliable tool, best suited for multitasking pro in you as its functional capabilities are due to the presence of Windows 10 operating system. This operating system is feature-rich and is fully capable of making this device perfect companion for work and play. You can have tools for designing, coding, typing, making presentations right at your fingertips.

Also, the device comes with a virtual assistant to offer you the best support for routine jobs like searching file from folders, searching nearby landmarks, accessing best routes, etc. This device, with its high quality operating system, makes you more available for real work.

Connectivity and Ports

Built-In Bluetooth of Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook makes it easy for the user to share content, add compatible peripherals etc from other devices compatible with this notebook. The user can add Bluetooth speakers, microphones, etc for a wire-free experience and also can share pictures and other data for personal as well as professional purposes.

Wi-Fi slot of Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is built on 802.11 b/g/n standard that supports faster content downloading, swifter connecting with the web and helps the user enjoy uninterrupted streaming of music, videos, games etc. Thus, the user is never short of resources as it can get the required information as well as entertainment material splashed over the internet.

Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook never fails you on connectivity. You can enjoy a bevy of peripherals compatible with the ports provided in this device. USB-A ports, two in number, are quite capable of allowing the user to have data downloaded fast and have a workstation not missing on any aspect. Additionally, there is a monitor output slot allowing you to add another monitor for multitasking and for design evaluation. There is 3.5mm headphone jack also provided to achieve a disturbance-free audio experience.

Memory and Storage

Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook comes with 2GB DDR3 enabled memory. The device, thus, allows you handling multiple applications simultaneously. You can also have graphics and animated content run and downloaded with added swiftness.

The presence of 32GB Flash storage is ideal for the users who want to have lot of content saved for their offline use. The device can help you in saving lot of data without showing any shortage of space. Thus, you can have your collection of pictures, or a movie or two or lots of music files, so that you never feel dull or low.

Camera and Audio

There is one 0.3MP Front Camera provided for easy photo clicks. You can share pictures and have best quality video calls that stand out in clarity. Thus, you communicate better and feel more connected with this stylish in-built camera.

The audio is made available in Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook in the form of integrated speakers. The sound comes with full throw off these speakers and leaves the user immersed in the experience offered by the content running on the screen.


The Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is unique in the way it has housed its battery. The battery actually is an in-built feature and is not replaceable in this notebook. It is rechargeable and offers fully portable experience as its run time goes up to 6 hours when fully charged. Thus, you enjoy off-the-hook experience and with added ease with this laptop around.


Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook has integrated-to-the-body keyboard. The white colored keyboard proscan pltnb1432 keyboard and black screen make a fantastic combination and add to the visual appeal of the laptop. Keys are designed to support fast typing and easy navigation is enhanced further with sophisticated touchpad that allows you living a completely wire-free experience. So, work and play even when you travel and make the best use of the day without feeling exhausted. Such is the ergonomic performance of this keyboard.


The body of Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is tested for rough use and is light in weight too. Its dual color tone looks exceptionally appealing. Due to its lightweight, you will never feel exhausted while carrying it to work and it slips easily into a smart backpack.

design proscan pltnb1432

The grainy appearance of the keyboard sides, and screen cover does make it a head turner. Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook does embellish your work station and is truly a charmer.


Proscan PLTNB1432 Portable Notebook is truly a reliable support for the on-the-move workers. Whether it is documents for office presentation, games for fun time or movies running to make the best of the travel time or waiting time – in every situation, the laptop does its best.

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Its ability to support all prevalent image formats or music and video files allow the user to make the best use of this laptop. So, when you have made up your mind to give laptop a try, this laptop is worth a try as it comes easy on the pocket too.

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