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Panasonic Launches TOUGHBOOK 55: A 14″ Semi-Rugged Laptop

If you are on the lookout for a good and sturdy laptop that won’t necessarily ditch you in the middle of nowhere, Panasonic has got you covered on that. The tech brand recently announced the launch of their new semi rugged laptop, the TOUGHBOOK 55 which is set to be released for the users soon.

panasonic toughbook 55 14 inch rugged laptop

The best part about this new launch is the fact that this stands up against some of the similar launches that are going to happen around soon. Each and every single one of the features of this laptop is well sculpted and designed to ensure that the users have better reliability on the device.

The TOUGHBOOK 55 is equipped with a 14” high definition 100 nit Touch display which comes around with addition full high definition option to look into as well. If you are here bothered thinking what could be the best way to handle this around, don’t worry, Panasonic got your back with their stable features for the device.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 14-inch semi-rugged laptop

Apart from that, the device is also designed with the 2-3-innovative modular design that you just can’t compete around with the other models around. It is also integrated with the user removable expansion packs which further helps bring forth the best impacts when it comes round to the customization needs.

Adding to that, the device is also powered by the Intel Core i5-8365U vPro processor which is definitely something that provides with over the top experience like never before. It has an option for the addition of an option 2nd battery which claims to extend the overall battery life to 40 hours with a single charge.

With such an approach to the series of the semi-rugged laptop series, the manufacturers and the designers of the laptop have gone above and beyond their capabilities. The device is equipped with the MIL-STD and IP53 certified magnesium alloy design to ensure better stability and better impacts when dealt with it in the rougher conditions. It comes with a built in handle with it as well.

The customizable design and the features of the device provides the users with full reign to bring forth changes in terms of the memory upgrade, storage as well as the keyboard as well. You will also get a dedicated graphics processor, the details of which haven’t been shared yet.

The best part of this semi-rugged laptop is the fact that it comes around with enhanced performance but at the same time, doesn’t compromise with the connectivity of the device as well. It is well imbibed with all the necessary ports and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure that you don’t struggle at any point through the usage.

The launch or the release date of the device hasn’t been disclosed yet but is expected to be released pretty soon.

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