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NVIDIA Announces RTX 40-Series GPUs For Laptops

NVIDIA just took the wraps off their RTX 40-series for laptops during their presentation at CES 2023. The new GPUs are up to 3 times more power efficient with performance improvements up to 4 times in AAA titles. The company has announced five new laptop GPUs alongside a bunch of new laptops coming in February … Read more

Microsoft Is Testing Tabs For Notepad

Microsoft has been testing a wide availability of Tabs in the entire Windows 11 ecosystem and after introducing them in File Explorer, the Notepad app appears to be the next. A new leak indicates that the company is working on the feature internally and it may be available to the public soon. Microsoft is testing … Read more

NVIDIA To Announce RTX 40 Series For Laptops On January 3rd

We’ve known for a while that the NVIDIA 40 series GPUs will make their way to laptops at the beginning of 2023. However, the company has officially confirmed that they’re holding a “GeForce Beyond” event during CES 2023, where we expect these new NVIDIA GPUs to be announced. The laptop variants are arriving within four … Read more

TSMC Will Kick Off 3nm Chip Mass Production Next Week

As the silicon industry finally moves towards mainstream 3nm production, TSMC is kicking off 3nm mass production at their Taiwan Fabs. The company will hold an event next week in Taiwan to officially start mass production for their most refined silicon yet, built on the 3nm fabrication process. TSMC Is Starting 3nm Chip Mass Production … Read more

Intel Core i9-13980HX To Come With 24 Cores and 5.6GHz Boost Clock

Intel’s 13-gen Mobile CPUs are expected to arrive early next month with the H/HX, U, and P-series of chips releasing altogether this time around. However, a new report claims that the upcoming flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX is on track to become the fastest laptop CPU in the world. Intel Core i9-13980HX – Fastest Mobile CPU … Read more