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NVIDIA Announces “Verified Priority Access” To Help Users Secure An RTX 4090 Early

NVIDIA recently announced the RTX 4090 with multiple improvements across the board including DLSS 3, TSMC 4N Process, the new Ada Lovelace architecture, and much more. The RTX 4090 Founders Edition which costs $1599 isn’t an easy wallet slip-up, but it would seem like it still has stock issues at launch. To handle this situation, NVIDIA just announced their “Verified Priority Access” trial program which can help users secure the flagship GPU through the GeForce Experience app.

NVIDIA Verified Priority Access
NVIDIA RTX 4090 Founders Edition

NVIDIA Verified Priority Access Trial Is Available To Select Users In Select Countries

Team green is sending in-app notifications to select users through their GeForce Experience app. Clicking on “Redeem” generates a unique URL that takes the user to NVIDIA’s partner website for their specific region. From there, the user can then purchase the RTX 4090 Founders Edition.

The list of eligible countries and their dedicated e-commerce partners are listed below,

  • United States – Best Buy
  • United Kingdom – Scan
  • Germany and Netherlands – NBB
  • France, Italy, and Spain – LDLC
NVIDIA Verified Priority Access
Priority Access pop-up notification for the US

It’s not totally clear how NVIDIA is selecting users for the Priority Access program, but only systems with GTX 10, GTX 16, RTX 20, and RTX 30 series GPUs are eligible. If you live in one of the eligible regions, you can open the GeForce Experience application on your PC and check if the offer is available for you. If you don’t have an invite or you live someplace else, then you’ll have to wait for the stocks to refill, in case you didn’t get one in the first batch.

NVIDIA introduced this program to give its users access to its new flagship GPU as it became available on October 12th. Usually, the Founders Edition cards run out really fast (within minutes after becoming available in some cases) and a lot of loyal customers are unable to get their hands on one. Hopefully “Verified Priority Access” will make this situation a bit better.

There is no information on a similar program for the RTX 4080 Founders Edition (16GB) just yet, but we should get a confirmation in November when it finally becomes available.

Source: NVIDIA | Via: Videocardz

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