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NVIDIA Teases RTX 40-Series GPU Launch On Twitch

NVIDIA is already teasing the launch of its upcoming RTX 40-series GPUs and they are launching sooner than you’re expecting. The graphics giant is currently doing a countdown on a Twitch live stream which is 40 hours in total and has a bunch of other easter eggs pointing towards the next big release for PC graphics.

NVIDIA 40 Series Launch

The image above from NVIDIA’s Twitch stream also shows a Discord profile named “User40” asking the question “how much faster?” which is a clear indication of the performance improvements on the RTX 40 series over its predecessor. The user profile also has a picture of the English mathematician “Ada Lovelace” as the profile photo. If you’re not aware, Lovelace is the rumored architecture for the RTX 40 series of GPUs. There’s also a folder called “XXXXX with RTX“.

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The RTX 40 series is expected to bring multiple significant improvements over the 30 series of NVIDIA GPUs. This includes a significant bump in Ray Tracing performance, enhanced AI capabilities, more graphics memory, an increased number of CUDA cores, new & improved 4th-gen Tensor cores, and more.

As you may expect, the desktop GPUs will be the first to hit the market and the laptop GPUs will soon follow as manufacturers announce RTX 40 series-powered products later in the year and next year. For laptops, the new line-up of GPUs is expected to bring higher performance all across and compared to the older 20 series chips, this is expected to be massive.

As far as GPU prices are concerned, I have no idea if we’ll see a price increase this year, but expect the availability situation to be better compared to last time. However, if you want Founder Edition GPUs, you’ll have to buy them early as they run out of stock pretty quickly. If you’re going to pick one from NVIDIA’s partner OEMs instead, they should be available widely this time around.

The NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs will launch today during the GTC 2022 keynote. The event will stream live on YouTube on 20th September, at 8 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. CEST). Watch it below!

Via: The Verge

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