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NVIDIA SUPER gaming laptops with Intel 10th Gen CPUs to be announced on April 2

If you follow MECHREVO, it is likely that you wouldn’t have missed out on an image that they posted that left its audience in a state of shock and frenzy. The image on the Weibo account does insight a possible announced of the NVIDIA SUPER gaming laptops with Intel 10th Gen CPUs on April 02.

MECHREVO gaming laptop with NVIDIA SUPER
Source: weibo.com

Several of the media outlets and tech experts have already hinted of the possible announcement of these new super gaming laptops from NVIDIA as they have started appearing on the benchmarks. But, MECHREVO did solidify some of the guesses and assumptions that people have had till now.

This is not the first time that MECHREVO has let the information slip out as they did the same thing last time with the accidental reveal of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 series integrated with the Intel 9th Generation CPUs.

The one unique thing about this possible image is the fact that they have strategized a different marketing approach instead of just straight up updating an image of the laptop. The image is a lot less ambiguous but still clears enough to set the message through.

The experts have been speculation that since the image was posted on March 23, 2020 with the neon lit “10” in the centre of the image, it is likely to be a possible countdown, taking the possible announcement date to April 02.

NVIDIA SUPER graphics coming soon
Source: weibo.com

In addition to that, it is also believed that the 10 could be a significant hint towards the Intel 10th Generation processor, because there is no other possible explanation behind the same. Add the NVIDIA logo and the green illustration all over and you have a very strong connection to the announcement and why people have been clear about the same.

Some reports (and rumors) and suggest that MECHREVO is also going to unveil some of the Z3 gaming laptops on their account on April 02 which is one of the very first additions to the NVIDIA super gaming laptop series.

Nothing is set in stone yet and the possible clarifications can only be made once April 02 is finally here.

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