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NVIDIA To Announce RTX 40 Series For Laptops On January 3rd

We’ve known for a while that the NVIDIA 40 series GPUs will make their way to laptops at the beginning of 2023. However, the company has officially confirmed that they’re holding a “GeForce Beyond” event during CES 2023, where we expect these new NVIDIA GPUs to be announced. The laptop variants are arriving within four months of the RTX 40 series desktop announcement and are expected to bring significant performance gains over their predecessors.


NVIDIA is holding a GeForce Beyond event at CES 2023

On January 3rd, NVIDIA is holding a GeForce Beyond event where the RTX 40 series for mobile should be announced. This is during CES 2023, of course, but it’s also the same day on which Intel’s going to launch its 13th gen mobile CPUs. That means we can expect new laptop announcements right away featuring Intel and NVIDIA’s latest offerings alongside ones equipped with AMD’s mobile products.

RTX 40 series for laptops is expected to take major leaps in performance

NVIDIA will announce a wide range of 40-series laptop GPUs from the RTX 4050 which was just confirmed by Lenovo, all the way to the RTX 4080 for mobile alongside their Ti counterparts. The RTX 4060 is expected to be the best value for gaming laptops while the 4080 will make its way to high-end gaming laptops. There’s also a rumored RTX 4090 for laptops, but even if they launch that, it’s going to be ultra-expensive just like its desktop counterpart.

The performance leaps from the prior-gen 30-series cards are expected to be significant. The flagship variants should bring in a lot of extra performance while the baseline variants should also get meaningful upgrades. The RTX 4050 is expected to exceed the RTX 3060 and the RTX 4080 is expected to beat the RTX 3080 by 30-40% (both based on RAW performance). The Ray Tracing capabilities will also get a significant upgrade.

I’ll have more information once the GPUs are officially announced during CES 2023. However, for now, I am keeping my hopes up for a massive generational improvement in NVIDIA’s laptop graphics. The GeForce Beyond event will take place at 8 a.m. Pacific Time, on 3rd January 2023 and you can watch the live stream on YouTube and Twitch.

Source: NVIDIA ( Twitter | Website )

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