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NVIDIA Leak Hint at God of War PC, more Unannounced Games to Follow

The new NVIDIA leak indicate the launch of a few upcoming and unannounced games, including God of War for PC.

god of war pc

With so much speculations stomping surrounding NVIDIA GeForce and the possible leaks, no one at this point is sure what to believe and what not to. The NVIDIA GeForce Now server has spit out a range of confidential list of games, some of which have never seen the light of the day.

It was developer Ighor July who discovered a list of games, including the much-awaited PlayStation exclusive, God of War, which is expected to come out to Windows PC via Steam. The leak suggests the game to sport pretty realistic graphics and immaculate storyline but that’s beyond the point of discussion.

nvidia leak hint at god of war pc

While it is justified for people to be skeptical about the legitimacy of the leaked list, NVIDIA confirmed to The Verge that the list was in fact a real one. However, they have further emphasized on the fact that the list is primarily for “internal tracking and testing” and some of the games come with speculative titles that aren’t confirmed at this point.

It isn’t a surprise that the graphics brand, NVIDIA gets pre-access to a range of games before they are even released. Further reports suggest that the Uncharted 4 is coming on PC following its widespread popularity and 250% return in investment. It was recently unveiled that the Uncharted 4 would be part of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

This was a title that no gamer was aware of but the same popped up on NVIDIA’s leaked list too. This goes to show that the list contains a range of unannounced games that are likely going to be released in the near future.

Besides Uncharted, two other games, Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI, which are likely to be PlayStation exclusives were spotted on the list too.

Not only does it include a range of some of the “known and predicted” games but it also includes a few of the out of date games like the Facebook-exclusive Oculus Rift titles, which integrated in a NVIDIA list sparks a confusion.

These situations are a reason why advanced gamers are suggesting taking all of these game names with a grain of salt until they are officially launched or released on the various platforms, including Windows PC or PlayStation.

However, one thing that has been a constant in this is the mention of God of War PC, which seems like a legitimate game title mention in the list. Following the leak of the game list, NVIDIA was extremely quick to retract access to any of such lists for confidentiality purposes.

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