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NVIDIA Launches new GeForce MX550 Laptop GPU with 2GB GDDR6 Memory and 15% Faster than MX450

nvidia geforce mx550

The new NVIDIA GeForce MX550 is a blazing competition for AMD’s Rembrandt RDNA 2 APUs with 2GB GDDR6 memory and 15% faster performance than its predecessor.

With the kind of mark NVIDIA has left on the market, it isn’t surprising that the brand has something new in store with their next entry-level GPU for the laptop market. The upcoming GeForce MX550 GPU is based and designed on the Ampere architecture and is a successor to the Turing-based MX450 GPU.

The upcoming NVIDIA GeForce MX550 GPU was spotted on Geekbench platform by IThome. There are still a few lingering speculations surrounding the codename for the chip. However, the ongoing rumors and sources suggest that this upcoming chipset is most likely the upcoming MX chipset for the upcoming entry-level laptops in the market.

NVIDIA GeForce MX550 benchmark leak

The listing on Geekbench suggests that the GPU will feature 16 SM units, backed with 128 CUDA cores along with 2GB GDDR6 memory, running at up to 12 gbps speed. Comparing to its predecessors, chances are that this chip will also feature a 64-bit bus interface, which is a breakthrough as well. It is also expected to yield up to 80-90 gbps speed, which is more than enough for an entry-level laptop in the market.

Besides the Geekbench listing, the first sighting of this GPU was seen integrated in a Lenovo laptop that is powered by the latest Intel Alder Lake CPUs. The processing chip is backed with 12 cores and 16 thread configurations for the ultimate performance.

Also, the laptop will support base and boost clock speed of 2.5 GHz and 4.6 GHz for the ultimate unmatched performance through and through. It is further integrated with 18MB of L3 cache and 16GB RAM for optimal multitasking.

Compared to its predecessors, the new and upcoming MX550 GPU is also expected to be 15% faster even without the inclusion of proper drivers. So, the overall performance of the device could very well be a lot more than we’d generally expect it to be.

The reports currently suggest that the upcoming GeForce MX550 as at a similar performance level like the NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti and the RX 5600 GPU.

Also, the latest NVIDIA MX550 is expected to be a raging competition against the AMD Ryzen 6000U APUs that is integrated with the RDNA 2 GPU architecture. If the initial reports are correct, the Rembrandt chipset process faired well on the Time Spy score with 2700 points compared to the MX450 GPU, which scored around 2300 points and 2600 points. So, compared to the predecessor, the AMD processor seems like a faster integrated solution.

The launch of the NVIDIA GeForce MX550 will be an answer to that and tackle the competition posed by the RDNA 2. The reports suggest that the MX550 GPU is backed with 15% faster GPU performance, putting the Time Spy score at 2700-2800 points, making it a superior choice compared to the RDNA 2 APUs from AMD.

Source: Geekbench Via Wccftech, Videocardz

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