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Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3 Update Improves Quality of Audio

Surely if you are into streaming, you might have heard about many third-party applications that help streamers go live. However, only a few selected daily streamers are aware of the fact that Nvidia too has an application for doing the same.

Since now, it was something that many people didn’t prefer, since it was not as flexible as any other application just as OBS. However, with the new update, Nvidia is willing to tackle that perception, as they are going to add support for some capture cards as well as different cameras.

nvidia broadcast 1.3 update

The one thing that people liked about it was the fact that it uses the Vram to lower the noise as well as put on an artificial green screen effect even if you don’t have a green screen. Many gamers feel that it is nice to see that Nvidia is finally giving some thought to increasing the accessibility of their tool.

The new update 1.3 is going to be a big addition as it would improve noise reduction for all the high and loud voices in the background. In addition to that, Nvidia also noted that the application had issues with streamers and the camera.

The broadcast, with the help of an AI technology, removes the noise from the video as well. The new update also adds a training sound profile that can better understand your voice patterns, thus making it easier for it to filter out the noise.

nvidia broadcast UI

The function with the video calls is also going to be filled with all the bug fixes that were involved in the virtual background part. The update also adds support for more pro cameras, virtual cameras, along with additional capture cards. Some of them include: Canon EOS webcam utility, Sony webcam utility and Nikon Webcam utility.

Plus, what made people more happy about it is that now it is going to use less VRAM. It is going to cut the VRAM usage by 40%. So, if your rig is already struggling with getting the best stream quality, well, broadcast is definitely going to help you.

The last update that Nvidia had added some effects, but using those effects often caused frame drops, especially during a gaming session. This new update, however, comes with several new UI elements and bug fixes. All of that amounts to a much smoother and better Nvidia broadcast experience.

In additional news, Nvidia’s powerful CPU mining chip was also spotted, it is called CMP 170HX. This powerful GPU by Nvidia is marketed towards the crypto market, hence it has to be as powerful as they claim. This one is the latest of the Nvidia’s CMP line and it runs with GA100 GPU, a seriously powerful card that is used for heavy AI applications.

This new mining card will be able to attain a hash rate of 164 MH/s for Ethereum mining. In order to give you some perspective, when talking about RTX 3090, it is able to achieve the hash rate of 130 MH/s.

As with any other mining card, the CMP 170HX doesn’t have any video output, but the miners will have no need to connect this GPU to a monitor. This chip is purely for the purpose of mining. When it comes to its cooling, a chip like this is passively cooled, which means that it doesn’t have any fans.

Talking about the RTX 3000 series, the card has a hash rate limiter inbuilt, so yes, in some ways they are prevented from becoming a mining card. Possibly a move from Nvidia to make sure that their mining cards remain separate from the RTX GPUs, because we all know how powerful those cards really are.

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