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Not GTX 20, its GTX 11 Series – The Upcoming NVIDIA Graphic Series

The GPU Technology Conference is scheduled to go live on 27th March 2018, and the venue San Jose, California is rife with speculation with regards to the new series being announced by NVidia Corporation. Sources who wished to remain anonymous confirmed Reuters and a tech portal named TweakTown that this chipset would be based on the new architecture christened as “Turing”, and shall be capable of and shall be dedicated to crypto currency mining. But it is not the architecture or the possibilities that are creating the ripples in the conference, but it is what the Graphic Series shall be called.

Not GTX 20, its GTX 11 Series - The Upcoming NVIDIA Graphic Series

The anonymous source claims that the new addition to the NVidia family shall be GTX 11 series. The reason, the entire GTC is looking forward to the keynote of NVidia Corporation, is that it is divorcing, once again, the usual incrementing frequency of its upgraded series. Usually, the Graphics card series by NVidia were incremented in frequencies of 100 and thereafter by 50 and later on by 10. Thus, industry observers had predicted that the next in line in the GTX series shall be GTX 20 after GTX 10.

NVidia, itself has not commented or given any hint with regards to any changeover of the version frequencies or with regards to the confusion that has been created with regards of the capabilities that the new architecture shall bring onto the table or the series that the architecture shall replace. While the confusion that is rife in the market is that the new series shall be “Ampere” and shall replace the existing “Volta” architecture of the existing Titan V and Tesla Cards; NVidia, has left all confusions to be resolved in the Keynote address that is scheduled at 9 AM Pacific Time on the 27th of March 2018 at the GPU Technology Conference.

NVidia came into the market in 2008 with GeForce 9 Series, starting the tryst with the incrementing version trail with GeForce 100 Series in the very next year. The trend continued till 2016 with GeForce 900 Series, exhibiting an increment of 100 for every series version, before the change happened with the GeForce 10 series. However, the increment of 1 is nothing new to NVidia’s brand history. In 2001, GeForce 2, 3 and 4 series had hit the market, so therefore it cannot be said, for sure, that, if NVidia wished to relook into its version frequency and change the frequency from 10 to 11, it is setting a precedence.

Also, it is not even confirmed officially that whether NVidia shall at all announce any new architecture or devices or chipset for any platform (Mobile or PC or WorkCentre) at the GPU Technology Conference Keynote; yet, all sort of stories having all kind of speculations with regards to the version increment number is rife in the web sphere, where all tech websites are quoting anonymous sources, but most are giving one conclusion, that there is an imminent version change in the Chipset Architecture and that the increment version number shall be 1 instead of the usual. Now the tech space awaits the official announcement at the Keynote address at 9 AM at San Jose.

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