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New Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review with 8th Generation Processor

New Microsoft Surface Book 2 is convenience unmatched. The user finds stupendous flexibility of use in the various ways this laptop can be used. This high quality laptop is designed keeping the user convenience and the performance delivery needs at the fore and has succeeded beautifully in meeting the objectives.

New Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review with 8th Generation Processor


The New Microsoft Surface Book 2 features up to 8th generation quad-core Intel Core i7-8650U processor with up to 4.2GHz Max Turbo that works super-fast and makes every heavy work look as light as snowball.

8th Gen Processor New Microsoft Surface Book 2

The swiftness of this laptop can be attributed to this best quality processor that does not let it slow down even after hours of working non-stop. The presence of this sturdy processor makes it the most powerful Surface ever hit the shelves. So, work, even better – multitask- the way you want and this laptop will support all your endeavors.

Graphics processor

NVIDIA GeForce GTX up to 1060 graphics with 6GB VRAM processes the images and videos as crisply as you want them to appear. All pictures, animation, videos etc come to life and make the experience worth repeating.

Graphics New Microsoft Surface Book 2

The user need not wait for the pictures or graphics to unfold to their best, all happens in the lightening fast speed delivering the experience that won’t be easy to stay away from. Keep yourself glued to this eye-candy that is truly fantastic inside as well as outside.


New Microsoft Surface Book 2 is available in two display options – 15” and 13.5” PixelSense Display with up to 3240 x 2160 resolution. The user gets to enjoy crystal sharp, no tearing images and moving pictures that run smooth as butter on this display powered with PixelSense technology. Resolved to minutest details, the pictures get a pleasing breather when run on this retina-supporting display.

Display New Microsoft Surface Book 2

Anti-glare feature allows user to enjoy the laptop even on the go. Display can be navigated with stylus as well as the touch screen feature. So, facility of read and type, read, draw and navigate using touch screen and simply go more sophisticated with Touch Pen offers unleashed freedom of use to the end users.


New Microsoft Surface Book 2 is innovation at its best. The laptop is available in four modes – Laptop, Keyboard New Microsoft Surface Book 2 Tablet, View and Studio – that is possible to achieve due to the detachable nature of the keyboard. The laptop mode looks great when the backlit keyboard offers amazing platform to create and convert ideas into reality.

This laptop transforms into tablet when keyboard detaches and the touchscreen feature come into action. The screen can be detached and reattached to the keyboard, facing the audience offering an awesome viewing experience. Soft, ergonomic keys offer amazing support to the speedy user and never tire him down.


This laptop-cum-monitor-cum-tablet has two Surface Connect ports 1 in base and 1 in tablet. It also features 2 full-size USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 1 x USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack and full-size SDXC card reader. So, one can have a plethora of peripherals to enhance the experience. Whether it is additional volume, better video output or immersive quality microphone, nothing is away when New Microsoft Surface Book 2 is on the table.


New Surface Book 2 laptops are available in three storage size options – 256GB, 512 GB and 1TB PCIe SSD. Thus, depending upon the budget size and usage needs, the buyer is given the flexibility to choose the configuration of the laptop. The LPDDR3 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM options are also provided for better user convenience. Such humongous memory and storage allow faster downloads and enable user to save lot many stuff related to work, play and entertainment for using while on the go. Thus, this laptop offers perfect support for the multitasking maniacs.

Camera, Video and Audio

This laptop is innovation exemplified as it carries two cameras in its monitor part. The front facing camera is 5MP with 1080p video and rear one is auto-focus camera 8MP. So, the users can get selfies, click pictures of whatever they find interesting with unmatched convenience. Rear camera delivers 1080p HD video, thus, the moments captured are of ultra high quality and are truly enjoyable.

Stereos are at front and are empowered with Dolby® Audio™ Premium Support. The added comfort of Windows Sonic Headphones can offer a personalized experience and the user can carry on conferences, listen to favorite music or watch movies without disturbing anybody around. The voice support is available in the form of dual microphones that deliver crystal clear sound. So, it is useful for trying your hand on singing too, whenever desired.

Wireless Connectivity

This laptop is truly portable as it comes with a variety of wireless connectivity options. The Wi-Fi slot is IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible offering faster downloading convenience at minimal power consumption. The Bluetooth Wireless 4.1 technology allows user to extract material from as many but safe sources and compatible devices as possible.

This laptop is fit for gaming enthusiasts too as its 15” version has built-in Xbox Wireless support. So, connect, play, stream, download- the possibilities are endless and the experience truly fantastic.

Operating System

This New Surface Book 2 series laptop runs on Windows 10 Pro Creators Update 64-bit operating system that offers voice support, fast multitasking convenience and quick applications processing excellence enabling the user enjoy all the innovative features this laptop is bestowed with. There is 30-day trial Office also provided to the user for plug and start experience.

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Unique features

Other innovative exemplified feature of this laptop is that it comes with certain interesting sensors such as Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer and Gyroscope.

Unique features New Microsoft Surface Book 2

New Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Verdict

This laptop is a perfect combination of looks, functions, convenience and innovation. It is worthy of giving serious competition to other contemporaries in the price range above $1000.

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With its unique capability of working as laptop, tablet and a drawing device, the user gets to don various hats and this machine supports all the passions with equal expertise.

Specs of New Microsoft Surface Book 2
Processor Up to 8th Gen. Intel Quad-Core i7-8650U (up to 4.2 GHz)
Graphics Up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Storage 256GB/512GB/1TB PCIe SSD
Display 13.5” or 15” PixelSense

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