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New MacOS Big Sur Brings Enhancements to Performance and Security

The MacOS Big Sur is now available to the Mac users as a free updated software. The Big Sur update has been everything the users have been looking forward to.

From the redesign to the new enhancements for some of the key applications including Safari, Messages and Maps along with the brand new privacy features, this update is one of the biggest of them all.

The OS has been specifically engineered to pair well with the new Apple M1 chipset to enhance capabilities, efficiency and cater seamless performance to more apps like never before.

Redefined and refreshed Design

apple macos bigsur availability redesign
Source: Apple

The first aspect to the MacOS that stands out is the refreshed design of the layout, making user experience and navigation a lot easier. It provides with more availability of colors and materials for the users all the while bringing forth a new and redefined curvature to the window corners.

The doc icons retain the same Mac personality but the apps have a new design for themselves. It also allows the users to stay more connected while using the applications around. The buttons and the controls appear as per the need, thereby reducing the visual complexity.

bigsur availability dock
Source: Apple

The Control Center of the OS further provides with Quick access to certain controls like Do Not Disturb, keyboard brightness and a few others.

More Private Safari

apple macos bigsur availability safari homepage
Source: Apple

This is the biggest update to Safari since its last update in 2003. This makes it one of the world’s fastest browser, keeping the power consumption in check. With the updated MacOS, the performance of Safari is 1.5x better than the previous version.

It allows the users to easily navigate through and even stream their favorite shows on Netflix and other OTT channels in vivid picture quality and color reproduction. It is also going to feature some redesigned tabs for easier navigation and search results.

The new Safari has a more personalized look with the customizable start page that lets the users change their background image and even add reading lists, iCloud tabs etc. It also comes with built-in translation options with a host of extensions for easier user experience.

Engaging Messaging App

apple macos bigsur availability messages personalization
Source: Apple

Messaging has never been more fun and engaging on Mac like now. With the new update, it allows the users to manage their favorite group chats  and even pin their favorite and most replied message in the top for easier access.

The Search option on the message app is also redefined to make it easier and faster to search the specific message or thread for the user. It also comes with fun effects that further allows the users to customize their messages with balloons, confetti and a lot more.

Users also get direct access to create their own Memoji right on the Mac, and express themselves on a more personalized front with the same. The photo picker and images sections allows the users to easily share their images and gifs with a single tap. There are several new additions to the group message settings as well.

Unveil New Adventures on Maps

apple macos bigsur availability maps guides
Source: Apple

If you use Maps on your Mac, the new one is completely redefined for an even better navigation. It includes additions of Guides from trusted sources for easier management of itinerary in new places and visit the right spots when in vacation.

The Look Around feature provides the user with a 360-degree view of the place they are planning to visit. And, this is the first update that will allow the users to gauge the cycling and electric bike trips right on their Mac and send the same details directly to their iPhone for easier navigation.

Enhanced Privacy

The best part of the latest update to the new MacOS is likely the enhanced privacy. It provides the users with more control to their data. The Mac App Store will have a dedicated section showcasing the developer reported summary of the privacy of every application that you install to your device.

The new macOS update provides the 28 million developers access to the tools that they need for developing apps a lot easier and a lot more streamlined.

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