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New Lenovo Yoga S940 Comes With AI-Powered Sensors

New Lenovo Yoga S940 offers a sneak peek to what future would look like in laptop world. Powered with AI-enabled speakers, this laptop is breaking all the shackles of cubicle culture and offering the user the best possible experience of being your own boss.

new lenovo yoga s940 comes with ai-powered sensors

Protect and Save work with AI-enabled sensors

New Lenovo Yoga S940 is fed with AI-enabled sensors to offer your work added layers of security. This laptop is designed to sense the presence of the owner through face and voice recognition sensors. The device shuts the screen on its own if the requisite facial features are found to be missing from the front of the screen. Not only this, the laptop can sense the presence of a third party too and warns the user about it. Thus, your work is truly your property when you are working on this innovative laptop from Lenovo.

Enjoy better authority over the device

New Lenovo Yoga S940 grants access only on the basis of biometric recognition. The user can even register the presence with the help of voice log-in, totally hands-free. This device recognizes the voice commands you give to virtual assistants commonly used; such as, Alexa or Cortana and tries to match that voice with the one spoken for accessing the laptop. Thus, this laptop is ideal for classified work storage and also offers added protection to the work that you achieved with lot of sweat and passion.

Enjoy intuitive opening of windows

Not only for security, but the New Lenovo Yoga S940 is also designed for bringing in more productivity packed in a day. The facial recognition feature gets the seasoning of AI and the laptop senses the eye fixture on the windows opened too. It, thus, opens the most viewed and most concentrated upon tabs rather intuitively for the user to enable picking the work from the point where he left in the last session. This is made possible by Glance, AI-fueled software that senses the gaze and facial movements.

Talk work wherever you want

That important video call with the client will have to happen then and there, no matter where you are. The New Lenovo Yoga S940 recognizes the other sounds barring the voice of the people involved in video chat and filters those sounds off the chat. This is certainly a boon for the people from gig economy who want to be available whenever the opportunity knocks. Whether it is a middle of the road or a buzzing bistro, you simply can take the call and make that professional conversation happen as if you are in the board room.

Get Chinese or English translated for you

New Lenovo Yoga S940 laptop is making cross-border communication butter smooth. It is studded with features like language translators and transcript writers that make it possible for people from two parts of the world to communicate as seamlessly as desired.

Battery made more available to you, literally

New Lenovo Yoga S940 is made super smarter in the department of battery consumption too. This laptop optimizes the battery consumption settings according to the engaged and idle hours of the laptop. Thus, your battery is technically more available to you as it does not drain down when left idle. The battery consumption is also optimized as per the work being done. Thus, your graphics – centric jobs does not suffer due to battery crisis when you are that close to creating the masterpiece. The record 15 hours of battery time in FHD content run is truly a breakthrough and offers countless moments of cord-free working that is the perfect slice of a life on-the-move.

Enjoy your stuff if you need taking a break

If it is your favorite TV show time or you want to catch that Netflix movie, you need not wait. Just attach an additional 4K display to the laptop and you will be provided additional support, too, in the form of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos Sound System that transports you right into the auditorium. The audio amplifiers are made smarter, too, and so, they give that added pitch whenever your content needs and offers you an immersive experience eventually.

Features that are truly worth your money

Makers have handpicked the best possible ingredients to create New Lenovo Yoga S940. This happening laptop can make your day more happening with its Intel Core latest processor having high refresh rate suitable for making all these dreamy claims a beautiful reality. The 16GB LPDDR3 memory and mammoth 1TB PCIe storage does not stop you from making big and dreaming bigger. All your thoughts come etched clearly on the sparking cool and pretty slim bespoke Contour Glass that simply dissolves the edges and makes bezel look barely there.

Body that you can only dream of

Hours of spending hours at gym is still not going to make you more lovable than the beauty that New Lenovo Yoga S940 is. This laptop weighs only 2.65lbs and is even less than half an inch thin. So, you can easily carry it to any place and have the boon of portability painting your work life in red. The device simply is a marvel to look at and is a thing of pure envy. It is sturdy in its performance supporting features and is a vivacious arm candy that you will truly love to be seen with.

So, enjoy the convenience of gig economy and be the boss of your own time with this New Lenovo Yoga S940 that simply outdoes any of its competitors in intuitive and smart working. This beast is not all beefed up in the muscles but is quite grainier at the thought level.


New Lenovo Yoga S940 is certainly the thing of tomorrow and an apt curtain raiser for the ‘smart’ life we are going to become habitual of in the coming times. This laptop is truly not worth a miss and will be true upgradation to the existing work tools you have. Booking it right away is highly recommended.

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